Writer To World Leader

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His pen moved feverishly across his paper.  Never before had the words poured from his pen with such fluidity. The publication of his last paper had given him a taste of the power of written words that still lingered on his pallet.  His latest work was sure to incite the tempers of the people and cause rioting in the streets.  It was only a matter of time before he would take his place on the public stage.

He sat back and looked over his creation.  This time tomorrow, he would begin distributing his pamphlet as well as publishing it on the internet.  He had to get it into as many hands and on as many computer screens as possible.  His name was Rolph Divaccio and soon everyone would know who he was.

 With the stroke of a key on his keyboard, his work reached millions of people on the internet.  It was worse than any virus a hacker could dream up.  Nothing could stop him now.  The taste of power grew stronger with each passing hour.  He was like an animal hunting down its prey, but instead of a lone antelope he was going for a whole herd.  He would hypnotize the masses with his rich, eloquent words and then strike their hearts with a fatal blow.  They would be his; they would follow his command and they would push him into power without even knowing it.

 He knew his evil plans would succeed.  After all, he was born to rule the world.  He delivered his short manuscript to the printer and paid $250,000 to have it printed right that very moment.  They stopped the presses on a local weekly newspaper and began to print 10,000 initial copies of “No Borders” which he would distribute locally, while they printed more to ship later.

 Rolph took the first copies and put them in Laundromats, newsstands, doctors’ office waiting rooms, and many other inconspicuous places.  When he got home, he checked his website.  He’d already had over 2 million hits and, judging from the comments that people were leaving, his plan was in full swing.  On the six o’clock evening news, he was already making headlines.  All of this in just one day.   The power was almost too much for him to take, but he needed more.  He would not rest until he held the puppet strings of the entire world.

 He awoke the next morning to over 20 million hits on his website.  The printers called and said that 100,000 copies of his manuscripts had been printed and were ready for pick up.  He called some of his employees to collect them and take them to neighboring cities.  He would spread out from where he was like a cancer, infecting the local area before dispersing to the vital areas of the larger cities.

 He had a call early from a local television reporter who wanted to do a story on the noon news.  He agreed to meet them at a local park, which he thought would be best since it offered an opportunity to draw a crowd.  He spent the next several hours coming up with a speech that would set into motion the full extent of his plan.

 He met the television reporter at 11 a.m. to go over how and where the live shot would be done.  He placed the news on his website and there were already 500 people gathered in the park and by the time, he went on air that number swelled to over 2,000.

 “Friends, it’s time we rise up and take what is rightfully ours.  Our government is no longer working for us.  We must take it, by force if necessary.”

The crowd was chanting and swaying and he could feel the power surging from his body.  His knees almost buckled from the sheer magnitude of it all.  This was the moment when he would begin to be known as the most feared leader in world history.  No one could know his true intentions though until he had them all where he wanted them.

 You have to woo them in and make them believe in a cause and then they will follow you no matter what.  He continued speaking, his voice had the lure of a fiery preacher and his charisma caused his audience to shut out reality.  It was as if he were speaking directly to you.  The news station had only planned to broadcast a small interview with him, but after the camera went live, he began to speak.  They never took the camera off him; he held all of their undivided attention for the next two hours.

 When the camera went off and he was left alone with the crowd, which had grown to over 10,000, he made his move.  He asked them all to march on the governor’s office.  He would oust the Governor by tomorrow morning and then work his way to President by the end of the week.  No one had ever seen anything like him; everyone was willing to lay down life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness just to follow him.

 He recruited 48 other Governors to help him overthrow the President.  He fulfilled his plan in one week.  He went from being a nobody, to being President of the United States.

Rolph stepped out in front of the White House and held a press conference.

“If the leaders of the world do not surrender to me within 24 hours, I will be forced to use nuclear weapons until they submit.”

 No one uttered a word.  The man they followed was beginning to show his true colors, but it was too late.  Power was his and it started with a small manuscript typed in a darkened basement.

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