VisDare 138: Quick

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Catch Me If You Can

Photo by Benjamin Godard, “Catch Me If You Can” on

There is a blog that posts these pictures every Tuesday night and you write a 150 word or less story to go with it.  This is mine for the week.  If you like to participate in the next VisDare, you can go here!

When you have the amount of kids that I have you’re always working.  Right now I’m on my way to my third job.  Do I miss my carefree, frolicking in the meadow days?  Sure, but I wouldn’t trade my 57 kids for anything.

Sometimes the stress drives me a bit mad, but yeah, it’s worth it.  Right?  I’m not missing out on anything.  No, not at all.  I’m…I’m happy.  Yeah. 

Okay, maybe I do wish I was single and that my tail would be as perky as it used to be.  That’s okay right?  It’s okay to daydream every once in a while.  A man’s gotta stay sane.  What would you do if you had 57 kids? 

“Well, my stop is coming up,” said the white rabbit.

“Mine too,” he answered himself.

“Mom, why was that rabbit talking to himself?”

“What rabbit?”

142 words

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