VisDare 140 The Secret Of Life

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secret of life

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“One day you look down and your hands are wrinkled and worn.  Life happens.  You get a job, you get married, and you have kids.  Before you know it you look in the mirror and don’t recognize yourself.”

“I’ve got all the time in the world grandpa,” the young man answered.

“I had all the time in the world as well.  The truth is John, that you never know when this life is going to end,” the old man said as he finished coughing.

John stared at the scrabble board trying to plan his move.  He had been playing scrabble with his grandfather since he was a child.  The board was as worn with the years as his grandfather’s hands were, and held as many memories. When John looked up his grandpa had the words “don’t wait” spelled in his hand.

“The secret of life John,” the old man said.

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