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Good morning! I hope you are doing well this Saturday morning. I just wanted to hang out with you guys this morning and see what’s going on. Grab your coffee and let’s chat.

Yesterday morning I was making white gravy just like my grandma used to make when I was a kid. We’d spread it over a piece of bread. You could tear your bread up or leave it whole, either one, but I always liked mine tore up. I’ve tried to make this gravy before and it never would turn out right. I made it twice last week to try it again and I did it! So I did it again today to make sure I could still do it right. I have to say eating it took me back to those Saturday mornings at her house. We’d watch cartoons and she’d make her gravy. I miss those times for sure. Everything was simple.

My grandma taught me a lot. I watched her make her gravy as I got older and learned kind of how to do it, along with some other things she cooked. She taught me about Jesus, her along with my mom. As I got older and learned about all the things she endured in her life, I realized just how special she was. You would be hard-pressed to find any woman like her, but I did. My wife reminds me of her in many ways.

Back to the gravy. As I was making it the memories overflowed and I pictured myself as a little boy sitting in her kitchen eating the gravy and bread. I loved it so much, in fact, I’d eat the gravy cold! I thought about my own life and what my kids and grandkids will remember about me one day. I want to leave them with something more valuable than money. I want to leave them with good memories. I’m not sure I’m accomplishing that, only time will tell I suppose. I feel the same way about the world and my writing. I don’t mind if I never break a best seller list. I do mind if the people who read my writing are changed in some way. I want them to think. I want them to feel. I want them to know God better. I want to write the truth, no matter how popular or unpopular it may be. I think that would make my grandma proud.

What are some of your favorite memories as a child? Share them below. Also, feel free to link to your blog so we can see what you’re working on.

Side note, after watching Food Network, I realized that Grandma was making a classic French white sauce. I wonder if she knew she was fancy! Pass the gravy, please.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Coffee Chat

  1. cathy fletcher

    love I read this.. it brought back a lot of memories for me me those were the good MOM your Grandma..was indeed a very special woman,,love you son

  2. colleen1golafshan

    Thanks Jase! I like that causing change in people through your writing is more important to you than breaking best-seller lists! In the last few days, I been thinking even God used a book to reach people. And here’s some food for thought – especially for a barely published person like me – His book is always a top seller 🙂


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