Misconceptions Due To Misinformation

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Where do I even begin? There are so many misconceptions about Mexico, and probably even more about Tijuana. I know when I decided to move here a lot of people I know automatically started to worry.

Everyone talks about how dangerous Tijuana is. That was all I heard from people. Where did they get this idea? They heard or read things on “news” sites. There are a lot of things you should take into consideration when you hear numbers given on the news. I’m not just talking about Tijuana here either, I’m talking about in general. There is always someone trying to spin something. So when you hear numbers on the news, think about who is behind putting that number out.

As far as Tijuana goes, we were just named the most dangerous city in the world back in March. I’ve lived here almost 3 months and I’ve yet to see much danger. Why is that? I’ll tell you why. Tijuana is like most other big cities, it has crime. I know, it’s shocking! Violent crimes usually happen if you hang out in the wrong areas or with the wrong people. That goes for any city you visit, not just Tijuana.

While there may be cartel violence here, I’ve not witnessed it. Downtown Tijuana is an amazing place! There are so many businesses and people trying their best to make a living and just take care of their families. The people here are no different than the people in any American city. As a matter of fact almost everyone I’ve met here has been extremely nice. They are very welcoming and I might even add seem to look out for you.

I know when people think of visiting Mexico they think of the places where the cruise ships dock and any other tourist mecca, but you should consider Tijuana. The food here is amazing and cheap! You can find almost any type of cuisine you want. Why? Because Tijuana is made up of many different types of people, like most American cities!

Yes, there are differences you will see when coming here. Isn’t that part of the experience? Isn’t what why we visit other places? To see how they live, experience their culture, and ultimately come to realize we are all the same.

Don’t allow the things you’ve heard about Tijuana and Mexico stop you from coming here. Come see for yourself! I absolutely love it and it feels like home. You will fall in love with it. And if you let me know you’re coming we will take you for tacos! Trust me, once you have tacos in Mexico, you’ll never want any other taco again. ¡Vamos a Tijuana!

2 thoughts on “Misconceptions Due To Misinformation

  1. fortress23

    I am glad you seem to have found some respite and comfort there. Still – the world is the world, and even you admitted the cartels are not far away. I think you are right though; as ong as you use street smarts, and find out who to know, and who to hang out with, you can avoid the people NOT TO HANG OUT WITH 🙂
    Stay safe, and don’t forget the writing. You have a gift, and I’ve missed your posts.

    God bless,

    1. Jase Post author

      Thanks my friend. I just got back from Guadalajara and will be posting about that trip soon.

      Yeah, it’s all about who your circle contains really. Like anywhere you live. You hang out with the wrong people and bad things WILL happen. As for the rest of us, if you hand out with the right people, sometimes bad things CAN happen. It’s really part of life. I trust that God will take care of me as long as I do my part.


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