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Marriage: Are You Willing To Die For Her?


This post is for my Christian brothers. I’ve wanted to write a post about marriage for a while but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to go about it.  Yesterday morning during my bible reading I read Ephesians 5:25 and thought, this is what I need to write about.

Is Marriage Sacred?

If you believe like a majority of Christians do, you do believe that marriage is sacred.  This verse also backs that logic up.  God created marriage and it’s not something to be entered into lightly.  We as husbands are to love our wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it.  That’s a heavy statement.

Jesus took all of our sins on himself and took our punishment.  He gave his life for us.  So this verse let’s us know when we get married we better take it serious.  It’s not something you do on a whim.  You’re not supposed to just divorce someone because it didn’t work out like you thought.  Marriage is meant to be until death.  It’s not a car that you can test drive.

Are You Willing To Die For Her?

So, we as men when searching for a woman to spend our lives with need to ask ourselves this question.  Am I willing to die for her?  Do I love her enough to give everything for her.  If you can’t answer that question with a yes before you’re married, then you have no business marrying that person.  Yeah, I may sound a little harsh, but I’m being honest.  Sometimes honesty is harsh.  You can’t base your decision on lust.  You have to know without a doubt that you love her and would do anything for her, including giving your life.

What If I’m Already Married?

If you’re married and you even have to think for a second whether you’d give your life for her, then you need to start now on making your marriage the kind you would die for.

You took your marriage vows now it’s time to man up and take them seriously.  Make effort to make her your priority.  Fall in love with her again.  Remember why you married her.  Date her again.  It’s your responsibility to take initiative and put your wife and your relationship first.  Behind God of course.

Take Away

What do we take away from this?  Marriage is a holy institution that is ordained by God.  He has give us as men an example of how to love our wives.  Our love for our brides should mirror his love for the Church.  So when you’re thinking about getting married remember that.  If you’re already married, remember that.  Don’t allow the enemy to steal one of the most important things God has given you.  Stand up and fight for your marriage.  She will be grateful.

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