My Writer’s Manifesto

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Today I’m bringing you my Manifesto. The reasons I write. This IS ME.

My Writer’s Manifesto

My tagline says “I write in the dark, to bring faith to light” it’s both literal and figurative. I enjoy writing in complete darkness. Nothing but me, the computer screen and music. But also, I write from the darkness of this world, because I want you to see the light that faith brings.

I write personal things. I do my best to be real and transparent so you can see how God is faithful in the best and worst of times.

There are many things that try to hinder me from birthing the words that are in me, aching to get out.

I procrastinate too much.

I allow fear to seize my creativity.

I’m afraid of what you will think.

Today I choose to leave those things behind.

I will write the things I know in my heart that I should write. I will no longer fret over who reads it but I’ll write for the one who needs it.

I want my writing to make you feel. If it upsets you, makes you cry, makes you laugh or leaves you breathless then I’ve done my job. More than anything though, I want the Father to speak through my words.

I give it all to him. My hands, my mind, and my words are all his.

I write so everyone can experience the Father as I have experienced him. I only pray that my feeble attempt causes you to know his love for you.




3 thoughts on “My Writer’s Manifesto

  1. colleengolafshan

    Hey Jase!

    I appreciate your heart for us, your readers.

    Your explanation of your tagline is illuminating! 😀 It also brought a smile to my face, learning you actually write in physical darkness.

    So sorry I’ve been out of your loop for a while as I’ve finally pushed through my own barriers and started blogging online with God’s help. Your manifesto is almost exactly how I feel writing, though I haven’t yet said as much as you have here.

    May God always be glorified and honoured through your writing,



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