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Like most of my contacts you’ll find me writing about, I met Abidez on Twitter.  This guy is young, but he’s probably lived a lot more life than most people.  When you think that the millennial generation is lost, you meet a guy like Abidez and it gives you hope for the future.  This guy is going places and you should hop on board.  Enjoy the interview!  At the end of the post, you’ll find ALL the links where you can reach Abidez.

Tell us about yourself.

When did you first become interested in making music?

I can actually remember the first song I’ve ever written. I was eleven years old at the time and the song was called “One, Two, Three” and it was utterly terrible. I recall that my cousins would want me to sing it all the time which boosted my ego quite a bit, but as the years went by I found out that they were making fun of me the whole time. I didn’t always want to do rap, well actually at a young age I despised rap. I was into the alternative rock bands like My Chemical Romance, Three Days Grace, and Papa Roach. Those were my big influences at the time, it wasn’t until I was about sixteen I started getting into rap.

Share your testimony with us.  How did you come to Jesus?

Well to be honest I never grew up in a church home, or actually even knew who Jesus was besides
the very basics of it. My parents split up when I was one years old and I went to live with my mom. She was raised catholic but never took her kids to church. She did tell me as I was growing up that God does exist and how Christianity is super awesome. So at the age of 10 I decided to get baptized without really knowing what I was doing at the time, although I believe the LORD did. At the age of fourteen I made the worst mistake of my life and smoked weed for the first time. It rapidly led to more addictions with other drugs such as alcohol and pills. I would get expelled by multiple schools by either getting caught selling or doing drugs on school campus. It seemed like I would never learn from my mistakes, thinking that I knew it all and that alone made my mom cry almost every night. When I turned sixteen I decided to go live with my father, which at the time he had troubles of his own to deal with. Before I go any further I would like to say that my dad is now completely sober from even alcohol and I praise God for that. But that wasn’t always the case. abidez
When my dad found out that I drank, he actually poured me a shot and we would get drunk every night and I would be honest it was quite fun. God had a different plan though, you see my dad was addicted (at the time) to meth and lost the house because of its demonic grip it had on him. In return I had to go homeless on the streets of Tacoma at the age of sixteen. One of my best friends was a native gangster and he let me crash in his home with his family, which were very big drug dealers at the time. We got into a lot of trouble at parties and I’ve actually had a gun pointed at my head because of the stuff we would do. I didn’t care though, all I cared about was having fun, you know that saying YOLO? That was my favorite. I will have to thank him though because without him I would of never found my passion for rap. At parties I would get wasted and freestyle while people would praise me for it, I felt like a king whenever I rapped. Long story short, I moved back with my mom in Reno Nevada and instantly got two new jobs. Working at Five Guys Burgers, and selling drugs. Ecstasy and weed to be exact, ecstasy being my drug of choice. But that lifestyle led me to quitting my real job and living in my car in downtown Reno with all the street kids. I took another under my wing which was fun… Until we crashed at a guy’s place and they were smoking meth. Now I promised myself to never smoke meth in my life because of my dad, but that night it changed. I took a few hits, and saw me walking down my dad’s footsteps. The next day I kicked him out of my car and decided to go back home. I also decided that I don’t want to live like this anymore. I started asking myself questions like “Is there more to life? What am I doing with my life? I’m a terrible person… I can’t believe I’ve wasted this much time.” There is actually a scripture that sings to me and that is “Those who suffer are blessed, for after suffering comes perseverance.” Now after I repented without realizing I did, I then started searching deep into life trying to find out the truth of it… “Seek and you shall find” I started coming up with things in my head like “Good is to bad as Faith is to Doubt” … well you see where this is going right? God was molding me into his image of love and kindness, making me meek and having me search for truth. I started to become humble and loving, I mean I completely changed because of the sole fact that I knew I was doing wrong before. I decided to drive back up to Tacoma because I lost my Job and my ex told me I could stay with her (which was a bad idea). As I was driving on the road, I was just thinking, and thinking, and thinking about how life, love and kindness is so much better than pride, darkness, and pain. Then eventually the holy spirit set me on fire, remember I was baptized before. I saw Jesus and he spoke to me through life itself in the [epq-quote align=”align-right”]I saw Jesus and he spoke to me through life itself in the most amazing way.[/epq-quote]most amazing way. He said things like “I see you like a mirror reflection my son, you give me hope, I’m here for you.” And the more loving my mindset was, the louder I can hear him. I never read a bible and never went to church but in my mind I was saying “This is Jesus… There is no doubt that Jesus is speaking to me right now.” To this day people ask me, “well how are you so sure it was him?” and I respond with “That moment alone has flipped my life around, has made me read a bible and like reading it, has made me go to church on Sundays, has made me seek Jesus and has made me clean from drugs… Now you put two and two together.” Ever since that day (I was nineteen) to as I’m writing this for you now (twenty-one) I have been madly seeking the Lord Jesus Christ.

Do you write all your own lyrics?

Yes, I do. I actually don’t believe anyone has ever helped me write my own lyrics besides my brother helping me spell a couple words when I was eleven. Now I have played in a band and we would work together to structure a song, but when it came to the lyrics they were all mine.

Are there any artists who have influenced your music?

I would have to say yes, quite a bit and from wide ranges of genres. But I would have to say the three that a currently impacting my writing is NF, J. Monty and John Givez. Those guys are truly talented.

What would you like to come out of your music?

AbidezGod’s Word, whether it’d be love, truth, life, or Compassion. I want people to be able to come to me and say things like “The holy spirit has spoken to me through your music.” Or “Your music saved my life, I was going to put a bullet in my head and then God spoke to me through your song as I was asking for a sign.” I want to make my music a light for those lost in darkness, I want to give wisdom to the foolish in hopes that they come to the light side with Jesus Christ. I guess I should say “I want to save souls, just as God saved mine.”

Do you find it hard to stand out for Christ as a young person?

Yes, and No. I guess it’s just hard to start the conversation with someone I hardly know, but at the same time God has anointed me the gift of being able to speak my mind to complete strangers. Once I get on the topic of God, I can’t stop. At the same time though my own job has actually told me to cool it on “The Jesus Stuff” as my co-workers watch naughty movies during lunch and say vulgar things to each other which then influences me. When it comes to church though… I’m the first person on his knees surrendering to God. Then as I look around I see the youth of my church doing the same. It’s an amazing feeling to see that. Also for some odd reason God loves to blast me with the holy spirit on occasion. To the point where people believe I am high on drugs (probably also because they know my testimony) but I can turn to them and say “Forgive them for they no not what they do.” So I guess what I’m trying to say is that God gave me a gift to be the first one to get out of my comfort zone and talk about Jesus, but once I get prosecuted for it, I stop. Which I am ashamed of.

What makes your passion for the younger generation so great?

I see them in need, honestly I believe that everyone should be focused on the youth. I mean I look around and I see more and more darkness in every generation that passes. It’s terrifying and they need help, they need a light. I’m not that light but I carry that light which is the holy spirit. I believe that we as Christians need to go to the youth that we see in need and give them wisdom. The younger the better, because they are like sponges at a young age. But they devil conquers my generation, and my generation is about to have kids. So my passion for the younger generation is this, we need them, they are more important than you or me because they will be here teaching after you and me. But their parents, music and friends will be teaching them darkness instead of light because they are not filled with the holy spirit like you and me. So it’s up to us to united in the light and stop the darkness from taking us, how? Prayer, using our gifts to bring light, and standing up for Christ even when it gets hard. (I still need to work on)

Do you plan out putting out more music? An album maybe?Mad World

Oh yes! Mad World was just the beginning. I actually have a single right now written and I might be recording it fairly soon. I want to make this single before any album because it has a very different sound than Mad World and I want to make sure that my fans will have variety as they patiently wait on a new album.

Tell the readers the best way that we can help you to get your song out to more people!

WORD OF MOUTH!!! You have no idea how much it means to me every time you RT, Share or comment on my content. It will spread like wild-fire; I mean even just a little bit would mean the world to me because at least it’s progressing not only by spreading to the world but my building my confidence in what I am doing.

I ask this of everyone I interview. Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know.

My number one goal in life is to give money to building churches around the world where they have never heard of Christ. Not only that but enough money to make a dramatic change in the world…. Oh also I’m left handed.

God Bless all of you, and Thank you again Jase for this opportunity.


You can find Abidez and his music at the links below.




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