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Alton Lee Webb

Lee And Family

I’m on a roll with the interviews lately!  Today’s interview is with Author Alton Lee Webb.  I met Lee through Twitter, as much as you can meet through social media.  I can tell you one thing I already know about him, he’s driven.  I can feel his energy just through our correspondence.  He’s passionate and believes the message he has been called to share.  I hope you will enjoy the interview and grab the book!  It

Who Am I?

I’m a Main Street entrepreneur and church planter that lives in Shelbyville, KY with my wife, Rachel and our three kids.  We are best known for our uncanny ability to find babysitters at the last minute, build epic forts in our family room, coach youth soccer and function on very little sleep.



Where did the concept of “Go Outside” come from?

Alton Lee Webb

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Going Outside” finds its roots in Hebrews 13:11-15.  Jesus went “outside the camp,” a wretched place to die a totally unjust and horrible death.  His resurrection is proof that He alone beat death and He now offers us life.  Jesus put Himself aside to serve us and now He calls us to Himself.  But it doesn’t stop there.  He calls us to “Go Outside” of ourselves to get in the mess – to join the action in sharing what He has done – for the glory of God.  “Going Outside” is all about getting off the bench and in the game.


How did you go from Real Estate to Author?

For me, the whole “Go Outside” thing started in 2008 after discovering Hebrews 13. I had to [epq-quote align=”align-right”]God can write our stories in far greater ways then we could ever imagine.[/epq-quote]unlearn the idea of exclusivity between work and ministry – of being boxed into titles.  For example, I told God that I’m not a Bible scholar. I didn’t go to seminary. I’m a small business owner. An entrepreneur. Yet, somehow, God made me a pastor. I didn’t like to read as a child. My wife says I like to make up my own words. I’ve never thought of myself as a writer. Yet, God made me an author. But all the while, I’ve remained in real estate while being a pastor and author.  Not the path some take, but God can write our stories in far greater ways then we could ever imagine.


What has it been like to work with The Fedd Agency?

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Lee with Esther Fedorkevich and her Fedd Agency team.

The Fedd Agency is legit.  Our vision, values, and passion alignment was God given.  We feel a partnership with Fedd to share gospel stories that change the world.  We quickly became family.  For more on our story with the Fedd Agency, please check out this podcast with Esther Fedorkevich :  


Are you planning on writing more books?

We are totally centered on sharing the Go Outside vision in this season.  It’s interesting, I never thought I’d be an author, but after doing it once; perhaps I could see God calling us to do it again.  Why not!? Like other entrepreneurs and creatives, of course, we’ve already started filing away new ideas!  If we can serve others and be helpful to sharing the good news of Jesus, then we definitely would.  I’m secretly hoping Rachel will author our next one – she’s vastly creative and skilled!


What would you say to those people who are afraid to “Go Outside”?

I’d say “me too.”  Outside is a huge place.  Who wants to be taken to the uncomfortable—away from familiarity—towards people we normally wouldn’t be associated with?  I would tell them to not hurry the process and remember that “Going Outside” is a marathon, not a sprint.  That in mind, we believe that it’s also an urgent mandate.  As followers of Jesus, we can’t wait around anymore.


What has been the most rewarding thing in your own life in abiding by the “Go Outside”  principle?

Going Outside starts with the recognition of release and freedom found solely in Jesus.  Outwards actions are important, but Going Outside starts with a matter of the heart.  So, to just be with Jesus, relying on Him and His faithfulness is the most rewarding thing.  Of course folks will know from the book that we are suckers for people’s stories.  There are many featured in the book, but our favorite thing continues to be hearing “outsider” stories as people trust and follow God – that’s the best!


Can people contact you for speaking engagements or book signings?

Yes.  We like to think of Going Outside as a movement.  However we can serve local churches, businesses, non-profits we will do our best to make it happen.  Please contact us at and visit us online at .


What does the next “Go Outside” thing look like for you? What’s coming next?

Our prayer is to have open hands and open hearts for what Jesus has next.  We do believe the vision of Go Outside has the power to change the world because it’s gospel based.  The Go Outside podcast is lots of fun.  Folks can hear that here right here: We’ll follow as he leads while staying focused on our desire to serve one person and one day at a time.

If you’d like to buy the song featured, “Go Outside” by Tone Spain, you can do that HERE.

To get your copy of Go Outside, click HERE!

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