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Today I wanted to share something that I found extremely useful.  It was about two years ago I took a personality test.  I found out that I’m an INFJ according to this particular test.  As I began to read what an INFJ is, I just kept shaking my head.  I was thinking, someone finally gets me!  Most of my life I felt like no one really understood who I was, or why I am the way I am.  For the longest time I thought maybe I’m just weird! HAHA (No comments!)

Seriously though, after I took this test and read more about INFJs I wanted to find more.  I searched the internet for information and I found my people.  This is my tribe.  Now mind you, INFJ is the rarest personality type.  Male INFJs are even more rare.  You can read here about being an INFJ.

For me. I enjoy being alone.  I do like people and enjoy conversations beyond small talk, but there are times I NEED to get away from people.  I tend to be a pretty good judge of character.  I feel tremendous empathy for people.  I won’t go into those things deeper, because you probably wouldn’t understand unless you’re an INFJ too.  I can remember being called an old soul as a child and it seems to be something that rings true with others as well. Everything I read just confirmed to me who I am.

What really got me, was when I saw the occupations that a typical INFJ might do well at.  Pastor and Writer were on the list.  I’ve never fancied myself a pastor, but I am a preacher.  I enjoy speaking about God’s word and how it can change people.  I’ve always wanted to play some part in missions.  As for writer, well, I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t feel I was a writer.

You can go to and take the test for yourself.  Maybe it will give you some insight too.  Enjoy it, there are not right or wrong answers.

3 thoughts on “Personality Type INFJ

  1. Monta

    I just found out I`m INFJ. And the interesting part is how i found the test. I was looking up on google why I don`t enjoy being around people or why I love to be alone. I truly though I`m just weird and there is something wrong with me. I have never met another person like myself. People in work think I hate them because I interact so little.. I just don`t feel like constantly, every day communicating through small talk. Instead, I put my earphones and daydream or get completely lost in my thoughts. And I was reading about the careers that INFJ people take. I`m currently year 1 student in social care and I have a background in art, so I wish to become an art therapist. Although, it is a bit sad that we are the rarest type. I do have friends, but sometimes I just don`t feel bothered to communicate, because I kinda know where it`s going to ( if that makes any sense) instead i just might go for a long walk alongside the beach with my doggy.
    anyways, thanks 🙂

    1. Jase Post author

      Yes, you sound like a classic INFJ. Everyone thinks you should change to be like them. But this test helps you to understand you don’t have to. You’re the way you are for a reason. I think we have another person working to be an art therapist who visits here. Enjoy your new found information it will change how you view yourself from now on.


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