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Wow, is all I can say.  Last week at this time I was back in my room and ready to pass out.  I had spent a very long day at my first writing conference.  The Re:Write Conference in Austin, TX.

I was expecting the speakers to share their stories with us.  I was expecting them to talk to us about getting published and share some tips and tricks of the business.  I was wrong.

It was so much more.  These speakers first and foremost lifted up GOD.  They poured their hearts out to us.  They didn’t just share their stories with us, they lived them with us.  They showed us they are no different.  They reassured us of our calling.  More importantly I understand that it’s okay to fail.  It’s okay to not be successful.  Many of the amazing writers of our time received numerous rejections before ever getting published.  When I say numerous, I mean HUNDREDS! No kidding.

I’m ready to step out of the shadows and let God be unique in me.  I was made in his image.  I’m am my Father’s son.  I will be obedient and write what he wants me to write.

One thing that really stuck with me is Mark Batterson saying he takes his shoes off to write.  Why you might ask?  Because he feels it is holy ground and every time in God’s word that he proclaims something is holy ground, he has them take their shoes off.

Mark says that writing is a form of worship.  I had never thought of it in that way before.  It IS a form of worship.  I’m writing to uplift my Heavenly Father.  So, I’m asking you guys to pray for me.  Pray that I accept constructive criticism well.  Pray that I will write with the anointing of God and that I will defeat self doubt.  Thank you guys for all your support!

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