From The Other Side

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From The Other Side

I know you haven’t heard from me in a while. I’m still alive! I’m here!

You’re going to begin to see big changes around here starting with this post. Just to update everyone. I am now living in Tijuana, Mexico. I absolutely love it here!

Stop! Wait! I can hear you already, isn’t it dangerous there? I will answer that question for you. If you hang out with the wrong people or go to the wrong areas ANY city is dangerous. Not just Tijuana. Tijuana is a large city and you should treat it like any other large city you visit.

Now, you’re next question may be what kind of changes are we going to see here?

What you’re going to begin to see is stories from Mexico. I want you to be able to see the beauty of this place and the people here. I will bring you stories from this side of the wall and hopefully destroy all the myths that you believe about Mexico and Tijuana in particular.

Mexico and her people are beautiful and I hope to capture that in a way that will also capture your heart and make you want to come here.

So, sit back from the comfort of where ever you are now and let me show you around and introduce you to people. Stay tuned! You’re going to enjoy this ride.

4 thoughts on “From The Other Side

    1. Jase Post author

      A lot of things have changed. I did get a divorce and moved here to Mexico. That’s all people really need to know.


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