Ed And The Angry Crabs

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Ed And The Angry Crabs

This is an unedited story I wrote back in 2011.  This one is geared toward kids!  My first ever story for children.  So check it out, Ed saves the day from the angry crabs!  Share it with your kids and let me know what they think.

Ed plopped down on the couch and grabbed the remote to see what was on TV.  It had been a long hard day at school and all he wanted to do was watch his favorite show.  He had seen this episode before but he didn’t care, he would watch it again.  He sat there staring at the TV for 15 minutes and his eyes began to grow heavy.  The next thing Ed knew he was asleep.

He awakened into a world like he had never known.  Stars were shining brightly and they looked almost as if you could reach up and pluck one out of the sky.  The air around him was warm, almost perfect.  He could hear water lapping the shore.  I must be at the beach.

Ed decided to lie on the warm sand and look at the stars.  He laid there for about 30 minutes tracing out constellations and finding planets.  Then he heard a noise, it sounded like a horse galloping.  It was dark and he could barely see, but it definitely sounded like a horse and it was getting closer.

“You have to help me!” A voice said.

“Who and where are you?” asked Ed.

“My name is Sandis and I’m right here beside you.”

“What do you need help with Sandis?” replied Ed.

“My village is being attacked by the angry crabs.  We cannot hold out much longer.  We need you to help.” Sandis said frantically.

Ed still couldn’t see Sandis but he could hear the horse breathe as well as hear the voice speaking.  He was trying to let his eyes adjust to the darkness; he must have been staring at the stars so long that it affected his eyesight.  The stars here were much brighter than they were where he was from.   Finally he began to make out a silhouette.  The horse and the person seemed to be smaller than he was expecting.

“I think I can see you now.” Ed said.

“Jump on my horse with me we don’t have much time.”

Ed jumped onto the back of the horse and they galloped off into the night.  Ahead he could see the lights of a small village.  As they were getting closer Ed began to see things crawling on the beach.

“What are those things?” Ed asked.

“Those are the angry crabs, its worse than I thought, they’re still coming.” Sandis replied.

“This is what’s attacking your village? These things?  They’re so small.” Ed said.

“You are a strange fellow, these are crabs, don’t you know how dangerous they are?”

“They aren’t dangerous where I come from.”  Ed said.

They rode into the village and Ed could now see the horse that he was riding on and he could see Sandis.  The horse was pure black, but smaller than most horses where Ed was from.  Sandis looked like a kid too.  They rode to the center of the village.  Crabs were everywhere, though he didn’t quite know why Sandis had called them angry crabs, they seemed to be like any regular crab he had seen before.

Sandis stopped the horse and they both jumped off.

“What do we do Ed?”  Sandis asked.

Ed thought for a few minutes.  “Have everyone that can start boiling water.”

Boiling water seemed to always be the answer for your troubles in the movies.  Ed had a plan though.

Ed began a fire in the center of town.  He had someone bring a large pot to put over the fire and then he filled it with water.  He waited for the water to boil.

“What do we do now?” Asked Sandis.

“Everyone start grabbing the crabs and throw them into the water!” Ed yelled.

Everyone started picking up crabs and running for the pot in the center of town and throwing the crabs into the water.  People were picking crabs up and putting them in pots all over the village.  After an hour there were only a few crabs left.

“Bring plates.” Ed said.

“Plates?”  Sandis asked.

“Yes, bring plates.” Replied Ed.

They passed plates out to everyone just as Ed had asked.  Ed used a pair of tongs and reached into the pot.  He grabbed out a crab, put it on his plate and broke a leg off.  He cracked the leg open and began to eat the meat inside.  He heard the people gasp as he took the first bite.

“You’re eating the crab?” One of them asked.

“Yes, you can eat them.” Ed laughed.

Everyone grabbed a crab from the pots all over town.  It became a large feast.

“This day will forever be in honor of Ed for helping us to fight the angry crabs.” Sandis announced.

The party went on through the night.  Everyone had their fill of crab and then some.

“Wake up Ed, it’s time to eat.” Ed heard his mother speaking.

“What are we having mom?” Ed asked.

“Crab.”  Replied his mother.

Ed laughed, “No thanks mom, I’ve had enough crab for the night.  I think I’ll just have peanut butter and jelly.”

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