Don’t Shut Me Down

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There is a new song by ABBA, who would have thought I’d say that, right? And, its not even super new now, but it is new music from them nonetheless. The title of it is called Don’t Shut Me Down.

The lyrics in that song really speak to me. My boss asked us last week what our theme song would be and I thought about it long and hard and this was the song I landed on.

The lyrics say, “And now you see another me. I’ve been reloaded, yeah. I’m fired up don’t shut me down. I’m like a dream within a dream that’s been decoded. I’m fired up, I’m hot, don’t shut me down. I’m not the one you knew, I’m NOW and THEN combined and I’m asking you to have an open mind. I’m not the same this time around. I’m fired up don’t shut me down.

I’ll honestly just let those lyrics speak for themselves. All I ask is that people don’t shut me down. We as people go through things and we change. Hopefully for the better. I am doing my best to be a better person. One that loves and respects all people. One that cares about others and tries to make the world a better place. Do I always get everything right? No and you don’t either. None of us do.

My request remains, don’t shut me down. I may not be what you want me to be. But I am the me that is making me a happier person. And I am the me that God created me to be. No matter how weird and different I may be. The world is a kaleidoscope of people, and I am one of them and so are you. No matter how different we are.

I’ll close with this. I hope to blog more often again. I hope to bring you all kind of cool things. I’ll share some of my crochet work (I picked that up since we last talked here). I’ll share some day to day life and hopefully some thought provoking posts as well as interviews with other artists, whether they be fiber artists, painting, drawing, musical or vocal. So be on the lookout for all kinds of stuff. Who knows I may even bring some amazing recipes to you too! I don’t know where this blog will end up creatively speaking, but stick with me. Don’t shut me down.

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