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You Can’t Quit Kingdom Callings

You can't quit kingdom callings

One of the hardest things to do in life, at least for me, is to walk in my calling. I suspect it’s that way for most of us. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to throw up my hands and give in. Quitting would be so easy.

My calling is to write. How do I know it’s my calling? Because every time I sit down to the computer to write I face adversity. Something deep inside me has yearned to put words down in some form of fashion for my entire life; but each time I try the demon of doubt is right there taunting me. You’re not good enough. You’re not talented enough. You’ll help no one with  your pathetic words.

I’ve fought that battle too many times to count. This past weekend though, at the Christian Writers Conference I found out I’m not the only one. Yes, I knew I wasn’t, but you know how it is. Sometimes you have to hear it from the mouths of others who do what you do.

Writing is a solitary occupation. It lends itself to thinking too much and second guessing. For far too long I’ve teetered on the edge of giving up, and this verse was shared at the conference.

Romans 11: 29 For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.

Even writing that feels like a stretch for me, but it’s true. The gifts and callings of God cannot be reversed. They can’t be changed. They are given to you and you have a choice to use them or not. When you decide to use them for God’s glory, then the enemy has to do something to stop you. For each calling it may be something different, but with writing it tends to be fear. Fear in so many forms that you wouldn’t have ever imagined there could be that many forms.

When you read a book by a Christian author or a Christian blog post or article, understand what it took to bring it to you. The writer not only put their heart into it, but they probably fought the demons of hell to bring those words into being. Maybe it’s that way for all Christian creatives? I don’t know and I can’t speak for them. I can only speak for me.

I am so thankful for warriors of God who will share their struggles and their fears with others who are walking the road they walk. In doing so they let you know that you’re not alone, You are on the right track and you can’t give up. Someone out there needs you.

That means you. Today, someone needs your gift. Whether you’re a writer, singer, preacher, or a prayer warrior, someone needs you. Billy Graham passed away this week. I can’t help but think of him as a young man and how he would never have dreamed he would touch all the lives he touched. Do you think he didn’t battle the demons of hell that wanted to stop him? I assure you did. No one makes that big of an impact for the Kingdom without putting a bulls-eye on their back.

What would have happened if he had quit? What if he gave in to the taunts that told him he would never amount to anything? Millions of people may have died and went to hell. Your calling matters. You may never reach millions, but even if you reach one, isn’t it worth it?

3 thoughts on “You Can’t Quit Kingdom Callings

  1. I am homeschooling my three children and feel like giving up nearly daily. Self doubt has been a constant unwelcome door knocker and i have to be extremely mindful not to let it in. This is a great reminder to me, Jase. Keep writing! Your words are timely and filled with God’s truth and light. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Diane! I’m glad it helped you. Being the overseer and teacher of your children is one of the greatest positions in the world. Definitely not an easy one. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey Jase. Haven’t gotten around to checking on your blog in awhile. I’m glad I did today. The hardest part for me in writing is procrastination. My last blog post has been written for almost three weeks and I just got around to publishing it. Yes, I may be busy, but there’s definitely time to finish what I started. You’re right; that demon sitting next to me every time I think, “I should finish that today” telling me that I’ll get to it later or telling me it doesn’t matter if I post. But I knew after filling in the few blanks I left and publishing, God was being glorified through me.

    I’ll try to remember your words next time I go to write.
    -Michael Jaymes

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