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Will The Real Men Please Stand Up


will the real men please stand up

You may remember that back in March I wrote a post entitled The War on Masculinityif you missed it, just click the title and you can read it. After hearing some things in the news recently I realize just how on target that post really was. I wanted to revisit this topic because it’s extremely important to our culture. There is a lot hanging in the balance now and we can’t afford to be silent.

In the news recently we’ve seen a lot of big name people getting hit with sexual harassment, abuse and even rape allegations. I stress that word allegations. If there has been no trial and in some cases no proof, all it is, is one person’s word against another.

We Have a Sin Problem

We do have problems. Men are committing horrible acts. There is no doubt about that. What everyone fails to see is that the problem isn’t with men or masculinity. The problem is with sin. We as a society have allowed men to wallow in depravity. It’s in the movies, magazines, commercials and video games. That’s only naming a few. Women are treated like objects and used as such and for decades no one has batted an eye. Now, people want to blame all men for the actions of some. Yet, they don’t want to change the way movies and all other forms of media are done.

If we can’t have a conversation about changing the way Hollywood does movies, then we won’t get anywhere. Now, I’m not laying all the blame at the feet of the entertainment industry, don’t get me wrong. We have personal responsibility, or at least we should. Along with that we should have self-control. It’s one of the fruits of the Spirit for a reason. But as long as we overlook that fact that sin is our issue, we will keep repeating the same mistakes.

Masculinity is Not the Issue

Instead, as I was stating earlier, everyone wants to blame masculinity. They say boys should not be boys. They would love for boys to be just like girls. Tonight I saw two disturbing things along these lines. A writer/blogger named Dale Partridge shared a story done by the New York Times on his Facebook post. The story was about boys wearing make up and he was showing how this story contrasted his post from the night before. I agree with him 100%.

The other thing I saw was a woman on the Tucker Carlson show stating that it’s okay if men suffer from being falsely accused of things such as sexual harassment and abuse because it’s just a small drop in the bucket compared to what women have felt for centuries. Really? Is that really the argument you want to make? She doesn’t care that people could lose jobs over such accusations, as long as they feel the pain women have felt.

The Agenda

She made her true colors known when she stated that the world would be better off if women ran it because they aren’t like men who are violent and such. First of all she showed herself to be sexist, a feminist (not a good thing) and a bigot. Women like her are what I referred to in my War on Masculinity post as having a spirit of Jezebel. Their agenda is for men to become like women so we can all be “equal” and live in a gender-less society. News Flash, it will never happen! Gender is part of who we are. We are born with one of two DNA make-ups, that of a man or that of a woman. That DNA cannot be changed.

The pushing of TV shows like I Am Jazz and stories about boys wearing make-up are all a part of the process here. We’re like frogs being boiled. We don’t know what’s going on until the water is too hot and we can’t get out of it. They want us to get to a point where we can’t go back. So, they’ve pushed the agenda harder and harder, hoping to get to that point quickly before we all wake up and realize what’s going on.

I for one am awake and I refuse to sit back and be forced to keep my mouth or my fingers silent.

Wake Up Men

Men, it’s time for you to wake up and stand up. You’ve been playing around for too long. It’s time to take responsibility for your actions. If you want to change how we are viewed then begin by treating women respectfully. Have self-control fellas. Just because a woman looks good, doesn’t mean you have the right to say inappropriate things to her or touch her.

Show your sons and other young men who are in your life how to be a man. Show them how to respect women. If you’re looking at porn, listening to music or watching movies that objectify women then you need to stop. Repent for the things you’ve done. Ask God to help you be the man he has called you to be. Dig into scripture and find out what real men of God look and act like.

Most of all, if we want to create change in the world we need to love like Jesus. He was willing to die for us. We need to serve like Jesus. Take care of the poor, the widows and the orphans. When we do these things along with taking care of our own families there won’t be any way that we can do anything but shine forth as an example of what a man should be. It’s our duty as men to repent and turn from the wickedness that has infiltrated our ranks and become men of God.


My Prayer

Father I ask that you would raise us as men up to stand in the gap for the fatherless. Allow us to be a beacon of manhood to the young men and an example of what a girl should look for in a husband. Let us be Godly. Let us be holy and let us be unashamed. We repent of the evil things that we have allowed to happen to our wives and daughters and even our sons. Let us turn from all the things that are unholy in your site and would take our eyes from you. Let our love be evident. Allow our masculinity to rise up teach our young men how to be men. Don’t allow us to fall into an Ahab spirit but let us rise and take our places where you have called us to be. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

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