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Which Side Are You On?

Which Side Are You On

How many of you feel trapped between God and the world? Is your heart wanting God but you find yourself following after the worldly things?

Do you tell yourself it’ll be okay, I’ll pray tonight as I’m falling asleep? Maybe you feel okay reading your bible here and there. Do you just get enough of Jesus to stop the conviction your heart feels? Do you go through your day to day life barely giving God a thought? Or maybe you think about him often and that makes you feel like you’re in a good place with him. We can do a lot of things to make ourselves believe we’re okay. That’s the problem. No one wants to BE okay, we just want to believe we are.

We have a problem in the church and it’s killing us. It’s a disease that is ravaging the body and its called sin. How many people walk into church each week and hold onto their sin. How many go up to an altar to pray and leave the same way they came. Or maybe they decide to follow after God with all they’ve got, and then the next day they are doing the same old thing.

I’m so tired of going to funerals and hearing, “They’re in Heaven now. I’ll see them again one day.” STOP! Some of these people didn’t make it to Heaven. No, I’m not the judge but I can see fruit, and if the fruit isn’t there, then we can only make one conclusion. I don’t want this to be a negative post, because it’s not. I’m trying to warn you.

We can only fake it so much. You can go day to day and do just enough to feel good about yourself, but that won’t get you to Heaven. No, it’s not by works, and that’s not what I’m saying at all. But you can bet your bottom dollar that God will not allow sin to walk through the gates of Heaven. If you are sinning, you will not go in. What is sin? Look in the bible. It spells it out plainly. Don’t rely on a preacher to tell you. You need to read it yourself. Preachers are men and they can lead you wrong. Some not even meaning to. But when you stand before God you’re not going to be able to give the excuse, “preacher told me” it’s not going to work. If you’re reading this, then you can read a bible. You have to read it yourself.

What we have to understand, and yes I use we, because I’m saying this to myself too. What we have to understand is that someone HAS all of us. There is no middle. There is no split. There is no joint custody. Either you are fully God’s or you are fully the devil’s. It’s that simple. You have to decide whose you are. Surrender to God. Give all to him. You can’t have both sides. You’re better off living in the world if you’re not going to commit. At least then everyone knows where you stand. God already knows. There is no fooling him. You can show enough good to people to make them believe you’re okay, but what is it really doing for you? Why would you live miserably? You have to make a decision. There is no room for players in the church.

God has work that needs to be done and you are only hindering if you’re not fully committed. Choose this day who you will serve. If God, then make it right with him and follow him with all of your heart. If you choose not to follow him then commit yourself to that way and stop playing around. We’ve had enough fake. Fake is killing us. Church, we have to wake up and take this thing seriously. People are dying and going to hell because they see us living fake lives and they think they are okay too. God help us!

What if this very moment, you were hauled into court and tried for being a Christian. Would they be able to convict you? Is there any evidence? I’m not talking about what you put out there for people to see. I’m talking if someone hauled you to court and your life, everything you do, was open to the court. Would you be convicted?

It’s time to sell out to God. Go hard after him. Make a radical change in your life. Its time to turn the world upside down. In the book of Acts, it was said that Paul and Silas were turning the world upside down. Where is that in us? It’s time to turn the world upside down. Surrender everything to Jesus. It’s time. If you’re reading this, more than likely you already know. God is already dealing with you. Give it all to him. It’s time.


1 thought on “Which Side Are You On?

  1. Well said, Jase!
    A Christian is known by his fruits.
    May God help us not to be spiritual delusional, thinking we are okay when we are not.

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