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What Would Jesus Do?


What would Jesus do?  Remember that being the popular saying in the late 90s and early 2000s?  It is almost cliché now, but it’s a question we need ask ourselves.


Recently there has been a lot of backlash toward Christians for standing against gay marriage.  The one that comes to mind today is Franklin Graham.  He has urged Christians to not buy jewelry from Tiffany and not to support Wells Fargo Bank.  Tiffany has made wedding ring sets for gay marriage and Wells Fargo has lesbians in their commercial. This is just an example.


Another one involves businesses that have refused to support gay weddings.  These businesses have been subject to fines as well as death threats.  One even had to close.


As Christians what should we do?

I don’t have all the answers, that’s for sure.  I do know this.  We cannot pick and choose which sins we are going to get tough on.  If we are going to get tough, it needs to be on ALL sin.   What do I mean by that?  I mean the church often singles out homosexuals and while yes, according to the bible it is a sin.  So are lying, adultery, and fornication.  I could list more.  I understand right now a homosexual agenda is being shoved down our throats.  I don’t deny that.  However, we must respond with love.


Too often I see Christians responding out of anger.  One thing we have to understand is those who are not Christian will not understand what the word of God says.  There are times when God moves and hearts are opened, but we have to be ready to administer the truth in love.


Homosexuals are accusing us of hatred and bigotry.  Why?  A lot of it is they don’t comprehend the Word of God because they are living in darkness.  The other part of it is, all they are seeing is people bashing them.  We have a habit of not explaining our position.  If all we are saying is “You’re going to hell” what are we accomplishing?  We need to explain better that we can disagree with your lifestyle and still love you.  No we don’t have to compromise, but we need to make sure we are showing love.


The other thing I mentioned is that we are concentrating on one sin.  ALL sin will carry us to hell.  We need to be checking our own lives to make sure we aren’t partaking in any sin ourselves.  Then if we are going to preach against sin, let’s not single one of them out…let’s go after all of them!


A lot of these problems we are seeing today started when the church stopped preaching against sin, (all sin).  Churches are overrun with people committing adultery, lusting, lying, and fornicating.  Then we wonder why we are called hypocrites?  The house of God needs to be cleaned out before we clean out the closets of everyone else.  Preachers need to go back to preaching against sin.  They need to preach the convicting power of the Holy Ghost down.  Instead they tickle ears with “you’re going to be blessed” sermons so they can keep people in the seat.  Tell me how that sits with our brothers and sisters currently giving their lives because they choose to follow Jesus.


When we get the Church right, and start calling out our own and holding them accountable, then the world will respect us.  Until we make a move to go back to the old path, we are going to continue to see more of the same godlessness running rampant.  Pray for the Church.  Pray for the leaders to grow strong backbones.  Pray for those who are living in sin that God would open their eyes.  Pray that God gives us the opportunity to minister when he does open their eyes.  Most of all, show love, don’t respond in anger.

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