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You know what it’s like to feel “home”? You know, the place where you know you’re loved and accepted and you’re comfortable. The place where  you long to get to after you’ve been traveling a while. There’s no place like it.

That place can be hard to find. You’ve probably heard the saying, “you can’t go back again.” For the most part it’s true. I know when I go back to where I grew up in Missouri I go back to memories of how it used to be. It’s not that way anymore. While some of the things look the same, the place has changed. So the things that look the same only serve to feed my memories.

I’ve written before about how we can’t live in the past. You can spend your whole life trying to get something back from your past that you can never get. While you’re doing that, life is passing you by and moving a long. Things change. It’s inevitable. We may not like it, but it’s still going to happen.

I titled this post unsettled because that’s how I often feel. Some people might think that’s a bad thing. If you wonder why I feel that way. I’ll tell you.

The older I get I realize that there is no place here that feels like home. There are places where I know I’m loved and I know I’m accepted, but it’s not truly home. Heaven is where home is. I’m not talking about what a lot of people imagine when they think of Heaven. None of that floating on clouds and playing harps stuff.

I’m talking about the New Jerusalem. The place where Jesus reigns as King and we serve with him. The place where home is really found. Until the day comes when we are home with him, I’m unsettled here. It’s not a bad thing at all. Being unsettled here means I won’t be comfortable and complacent. My mind is fixed on God and his purpose. This life is temporary, but our spirit will live eternally. Which do you think is more important? 

Being unsettled mean you won’t feel at home here and begin to think that this world is where you belong. It’s not where any of us belong. God is preparing a place for us that is far beyond our wildest dreams. Why would I want to feel settled here? Why would any of us want to feel settled here?

Do what you can here for the Kingdom of God. You may get homesick. And the more your loved ones who are saved go on to Heaven, you will get homesick. Just keep doing what God has put in front of you until the day you leave to settle in your new home.

It will be a glorious day. Hold on to that hope.

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