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The Truth Will Stand When The World Is Burning


The truth will stand when the world is burning. I worked with a lady who used that phrase often. The first time I heard it, I thought about it. You know how it is, there are some things you know but when someone says it out loud it strikes you and makes you think.

What is truth? God’s word is truth. Who does the bible say the word is? Jesus. So if Jesus is the word and the word is truth, then Jesus will be standing when the world is burning.┬áThere will be times in your Christian walk when you will fall. It’s inevitable. You’re human. If we could do it on our own we wouldn’t need Jesus.

A lot of times when we fail we may be tempted to give up. Don’t! God has a purpose for you. Get up and dust yourself off, ask God to forgive your shortcomings and keep going. Will you fail again? It’s likely. Everyday is a battle with the flesh. However, our God is full of grace and kindness. His grace is deep and covers us at our worst. Keep getting up and keep asking him to forgive you. Never stop.

I mentioned that God has a purpose for you. You may ask, how can God use me if I can barely keep my life together? All I can say is look at the men in the bible. David for example, he did some pretty despicable things, yet God called him a man after his own heart. He’s just one of the many men who had issues. You know what we have in common with the men in the bible. We’re all human.

The bible is full of examples of God using people who weren’t perfect. So when you think that God can’t use you, remember that all he’s looking for is a heart that’s striving to be like him. Someone who is chasing after him no matter how many times they fall. Someone who is a willing vessel to be used however God sees fit.

Does that give us a pass so we can sin and do what we want?

No, not by any stretch of the imagination. God wants us to do our best to live according to his word, but we’ll never be good enough to earn salvation. His grace is what saves us through the shedding of his blood. That’s truth. That will stand when the world is burning.

I can’t describe to you the love the Father has for you. There are days I wonder myself, how can God love me? I’m led back to his word, the truth, Jesus. If he was willing to give everything, including his life to save a wretch like me, then he has to love me. When I think of what he done for me, It compels me to want to do my best for him. It’s not me trying to earn his love, but it’s me showing my appreciation for the price he paid.

So when the lying demons try to tell you that you’ll never make it. There is no use to try. You’re a lost cause. You can tell them that Jesus says otherwise and he IS truth. He will be standing when they are thrown into the lake fire.

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