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The War On Masculinity

war on masculinity

I know before I begin that this post may be a little controversial, but I don’t mind that.  I’m going to start wading into more controversial topics that I feel the church needs to deal with. So this may be the first one of many. I hope we can open our eyes and begin to see what the enemy is doing and stand against it.

The War On Masculinity: A Christian man’s perspective

If you’re a man, especially over the age of 35 you’ve definitely noticed, there is an all out war on men.  If you look back at how men were 30 to 40 years ago and how they are today you’ll see huge shift in how we look, think and conduct ourselves. I believe this began in the 60s and 70s when the feminist movement really took hold.  It took a few years to work it’s way into our culture, but it’s here and it’s not going away.

There are two ways to look at this.  There is a Christian and a secular view.  We know in the Bible that God created man to be the head. Does that mean we can treat women however we want? No. Does that mean women are less? No. But God has a system in place. He set the man as the head, he’s supposed to be over his family. He’s responsible for their well being and it’s his duty to take care of them.

I’m not discounting the fact that women haven’t  been treated equally. It’s a sad fact that women weren’t allowed to vote until the early 1900s. However the secular view is that men should be changed, that somehow our very nature is the problem.  So in the last 40 years you’ve seen the feminizing of men.  We’ve been scammed into believing we need to be more like a woman so they can be equal.  That’s the not the case.

Jezebel and Ahab

You may remember these two from the bible and wonder why I’m bringing them up. Jezebel was a wicked woman who ended up being thrown from a window and eaten by dogs. Her husband was King Ahab and he was killed in battle.  These two worked together in a way you might not think.  Jezebel seemed to be the one calling the shots while Ahab sat back and went with the flow.  King Ahab should have been the one calling the shots, but he allowed Jezebel to usurp his authority.

I believe there is a spirit of Jezebel and Ahab at work in this generation. I’m not one to over spiritualize everything, but this is what we are fighting against today.  Men are becoming like Ahab. We were meant to be the head of our families. We are to stand up for them and take care of them.  Instead of taking that role seriously, men are being irresponsible, leaving the woman to step into our role.

What I’m going to say will sound old fashioned to a lot of people and it only helps to prove my point.  We as men were made to be the priest of the home. All the consequences of the decisions we make comes back to us. Am I saying that our wives have no say? No. We should always consult our wives, but ultimately it falls to us. I know that I will risk sounding sexist to some, and if you want to call me that, that’s okay. God set things up the way he did for a reason. I’m not going to argue with him.

The Confused and Wandering

When the feminist movement began, it wasn’t only about equality.  The enemy had a plan. He wanted to confuse boys and men as to who they are. When you have society telling you every day that you are the problem and that you have to change, what do you expect to happen? They can’t play the games we used to play on the playground. They are considered too rough.  We’ve completely taken away their right to be boys.  So now we are reaping a generation of confused and wandering men. Every day we are bombarded by lies telling us we shouldn’t be who God made us to be.

Inside every man is a longing for the wild. If you haven’t read Wild At Heart by John Eldredge I highly recommend it. It‘s a book geared toward Men and finding who you are. It will change your life. You can check out his website here Ransomed Heart It’s a great site.  There is also some stuff there for women by his wife Stasi.

We should be encouraging our sons to embrace their masculinity, not run from it. Teach them it’s okay to be a man. There is nothing wrong with being macho. There is nothing wrong with being rough and rowdy. We have to prepare them for adulthood and the things they will face. If they don’t have a firm grasp on who they are life will quickly overtake them. We cannot have 20 something year old men fathering children while they don’t know how to be a man let alone a father.

We are seeing the rise of gender confusion in our society today. Imagine that? I would have never guessed that would be a thing when I was growing up. Let’s put it this way, God made two genders, Male and Female. You are born with one and you can’t change it. You can change the parts, but you can’t change the DNA. It’s who you are. Satan has taken this war on masculinity and caused it to infiltrate the minds of our young men, confusing even the simplest things.

I’ll share this as I round this post out. A man cannot be a man without a role model. If we choose to be Ahabs and let our wives do it all then we will end up with feminine versions of men.  I’m not saying this in a derogatory way, but it’s true. Men, you have to be involved in your son’s lives.  You have to teach them how to be a man.  The world is out there telling them they shouldn’t be who God created them to be, it’s your job to let them know the truth. Have the hard conversations with them. Talk to them about life, love and sex. Tell them its okay to be manly.  It’s okay to have emotions too. It’s up to you to stop the war against your son.


2 thoughts on “The War On Masculinity

  1. This reminds me of Ephesians 5. Very well done, my friend. I heard a message once that really put a perspective on things for me. The preacher said one of the big reasons men put their wives at the head instead of themselves is because of idolatry. They are so “in love” with their wife that they take their eyes off God and want to just please their wife. Look at what the world says today: “Happy wife, happy life.” WHAT? Has the wife become the God of men’s lives? Maybe it isn’t idolatry out of love but out of laziness. Some think that they can sit back and let their wife be “happy” making the hard decisions. I’m only eighteen, but I’m kind of thankful for the craziness I’m growing up in. God is really putting a perspective on things for me. I keep seeing why I want God as my foundation. I have seen man’s ways fail around me so many times. He is setting standards for my future. I hope and pray I hold to them, and if I make mistakes, I pray that God will put me back on His path.

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