The Aftermath Ch. 2

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By: Daniel Kuhnley


Levi licked his lips. The taste of dust and dried concrete lingered on them. Flashes of Sarah’s face, bloodied and pale, drove him down the street in search of help. The thought of living without her twisted barbed wire around his heart, but losing the baby—their baby—would kill him.

“God, why is this happening?” The answer was obvious, yet he couldn’t vocalize it.

Sin. The world wallows in it like pigs in the mud. 


His sins and the guilt of them rivaled that of anyone around him. Before Sarah, he’d been downright selfish. Every thought and action fed into it, and nothing mattered except him and what kept him satisfied.

The hospital—the only one within a hundred miles—lit up the night with flames high enough to set the sky on fire. Levi stopped in the middle of the street and dropped to his knees. Tears swelled in his eyes and then streamed down his cheeks.


The ground trembled underneath him. It started slow, but the frequency and intensity of it gained momentum at an alarming rate. He jumped to his feet and spun in a circle, searching for its source.

Where’s it coming from?

It stopped and a bright light, like the one he imagined Saul saw on the road to Damascus, encircled him.

He looked up and into the light, but saw nothing.

His heart raced, and his breath caught in his throat.

He felt the hairs on his head lift from his forehead and ears. His clothing pulled at him and lifted him off his feet. He hung in the air, suspended. He tried moving, but his muscles were locked in place.

He screamed, but heard nothing. He felt as though he were trapped in a vacuum.

God, save me. Please, God, save me.

Something black as night dripped from the light and into his eyes. Like slugs, they slithered across his vision and into the corners of his eyes.

     Please, God, no!

He felt them burrow underneath his skin like needles, and then they were gone.

The light faded and he fell to the ground in a heap. Sweat soiled his clothes. His throat felt raw, like he’d been screaming for hours. He rubbed his eyes, but felt nothing unusual.

Levi sat up, blinked, pulled himself to his feet, and dusted off his clothes. He looked around and noticed the ring of people encircling him at a distance. They looked like someone’s collection of nutcrackers with their dropped jaws and bulged eyes. He couldn’t help but chuckle.

“What are you?” asked one of them.

The question sounded so strange—alien. He looked down at his hands—his skin glowed.

My God, what’s happening to me?

“This is all his fault,” cried another.

He pushed through the gathering crowd and ran for his life.


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