The Aftermath Ch. 1

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Good day folks.  Today I’m bringing you something new.  I’m bringing you the first chapter of a story called The Aftermath.  The special thing about this series is going to be that I’ll be joined by my good friend Daniel Kuhnley.  He’ll be writing chapter 2 and we’ll switch off chapters until we’re done.  He did this same type of thing on his blog.  If you’d like to read that story just click here.  Now, to the first chapter!

Chapter 1
By: Jase Rosenburg
     Levi closed his eyes and whispered, “I can’t do that.”
     “You have to.  It’s the only way to save me and the others,” Sarah’s voice rasped.
     Levi doubted her faith in him.  The weight of the situation hit him like a ton of bricks.  His heart started beating out of his chest.  He kissed her on the forehead but he didn’t say goodbye.  He stood up straight and tried to calm his nerves before he took off into the dark.
     The electricity was out all over town.  The sounds of people moaning in pain and of crickets chirping their nightly songs were the only things he could hear.  He didn’t know where he was going or how he was going to find help, but he had to do something.  The bomb had left the apartment building in shambles.  Sarah was trapped under debris and most of the other tenants were either dead or seriously injured.
     Levi picked his way through the rubble and found his car where he had left his cell phone.  When he tried to make a call, it wouldn’t go through.  Cell service must be out.  He put the phone in his pocket and paced back and forth.  He didn’t know how much time he had.   There was no way he could know the extent of Sarah’s injuries.
     In the distance he heard a man screaming for help.  Levi decided to make his way toward the man’s voice.  The damage wasn’t confined to the area around Sarah’s apartment.  This was either multiple bombs or something much bigger.  The thoughts raced through his mind at a million miles per hour.  Everything he had known twenty minutes ago had changed.
     A fire lit up the night as he rounded the corner where he had heard the man screaming.  Before that he had been making his way strictly by moonlight and feeling his way around.  The man noticed Levi and ran toward him.  “Help! I need help!” the man yelled as he grabbed him by the shirt.
     Levi ripped the man’s hands from him.  “Sir, calm down.  We’re all in the same boat here.  What’s wrong?”
     The man tried to calm himself.  “My wife, she needs help,” he said, his voice trembling.
     Levi didn’t have time to stop but he felt badly for the man and followed him to his wife.  Levi bent down and placed his fingers on the side of the woman’s neck.  There was no pulse.  He looked at the man and shook his head.  The man screamed out and began sobbing.  Levi quietly left the man and his wife.  If it wasn’t real before, it certainly was now.

Jason Rosenburg is a writer blogger, speaker and content creator. He has authored two self published novels. He is a cancer surivor who went from living life in a recliner to losing 70 lbs (and counting) and cohosting Airbnb tours in Tijuana, MX Available for public speaking bookings where his specialty is motivational speaking.

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