Jase Rosenburg

Interview with Gospel Rap Artist Abidez

  Like most of my contacts you’ll find me writing about, I met Abidez on Twitter.  This guy is young, but he’s probably lived a lot more life than most people.  When you think that the millennial generation is lost, you meet a guy like

Interview with Denica McCall

  I put out a call for Christian authors, musician and artists to contact me so I could get some interviews lined up.  Denica McCall follows my Facebook page and responded to me.  I’m glad she took the time to do so.  When you read


On Sunday we had another terror attack on American soil.  This time a gay nightclub was targeted. As a Christian I see this tragedy as an opportunity.  Many times we’ve been accused of hate toward the LGBT community.  This is our chance to show the

At The Master’s Table

I often think about things.  I like to get deep.  I really think about things.  Looking at this picture, try to ignore what KIND of food it is.  Don’t worry about what it is.  Just let it represent something.  When we’re done here, you can

Scandalous Love

We as Christians hear so much about God’s love that I feel like we really forget how scandalous it is.  The dictionary defines scandalous as this. Scandalous: causing general public outrage by a perceived offense against morality or law. Why would I call the love of

The Beauty Of The Storm

This feels strange.  This is my first devotional post in quite a while.  I’ve been working on interviews and getting this brand spanking new website up and running.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.  I do hope you’ve enjoyed the interviews.  I’ve enjoyed doing

Interview with Daniel Kuhnley

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll notice that recently I started a collaborative story titled “The Aftermath” with Daniel Kuhnley.  If you don’t know yet, Daniel and I met last year at a writer’s conference in Austin, TX.  I don’t believe in coincidence, so

Why I Celebrate Passover

Today was Good Friday.  As Christians this marks one of the holiest times of the year. Growing up I always celebrated in the usual way. We did the easter baskets and colored and hunted eggs.  As a teenager and into my young adulthood at the

Flip The Switch

The verse in this picture comes from The Message Bible, it’s one of my favorite verses.  It fits so many situations as does most of the Bible.  That’s why it’s such an amazing book.  Today though I want to talk about this verse. Most of

The Flavorless Church

I’m going to start this post with a disclaimer: I am in no way pointing fingers at any one church. I’m stating my opinion.  My opinion and a penny will get your absolutely nothing. When you cook things you taste them, at least you should.

Stripped Bare

  Have you ever felt like you’ve reached a dead end?  As I usually say, if we’re all honest, we would say yes.  Everyone gets to that point sometimes.   There is a crime show on the ID channel that I like to watch it’s

Jesus In Jase Skin

I’ve been doing my best to think of what to post.  I find, however, when I stop thinking about it that God just drops it in my lap.  That’s how it was this morning.  I wasn’t thinking about a blog post.  I was just browsing

Forgiving My Father

This post is difficult for me to write, because it’s so personal, but I feel that I need to share it. My goal for the new year is to be God’s hand extended to those who are hurting and those who need comfort.  Why you