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Sneak Peek At Chapter 1!

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Jase Rosenburg Sneak Peek
The battle of the ages begins…

I hesitated to share this, but then I thought why not give you a sneak peek.  This is the first chapter of my new book!  Now, don’t get overly excited because there will likely be a lot of changes.  This is just the first draft.  There will likely be changes and it will have to be cleaned up.  This however is a first look, so you can see what’s going on inside my mind as I begin this story.  Enjoy, and please leave comments if you do.

  Chapter 1 Sneak Peek!

“I will not stop until the Maker’s throne is MINE,” Tarea breathed deep taking in the moment.

“We will take this kingdom and in doing so, we will rule all the Kingdoms,” Tarea’s words pierced through the small but growing crowd.  His words slithered through the minds of the naive and pulled them into his wretched plan.  As Tarea spoke the crowd swayed.  Those who held a stronger will were no match for him.  He stripped away their walls and found his way into their soul.  Once he had taken root there, it was all over.  They were his.

Tarea’s biggest challenge was building a large army in a limited amount of time.  When he accomplished this goal he would be ruler of the realms.  Perhaps the most intriguing of those realms was the one where the humans lived.  In that realm, the Kingdom of Thirebeth was the most powerful and influential in all the earth.  Tarea had always been curious of the humans’ ability to choose evil or good.  No one from the Maker’s kingdom was allowed to interact with these amazing creatures without his permission.  They could only influence them with emotion.

“We will not be stopped!  You must gather as many others as you can to support us.  If we do not move fast, the Maker will strike first.  He hates you and wants to cast you out of our glorious realm.  It’s necessary to stop him,” Tarea paused and lowered his voice.  “So we can rule in peace.”

The immortals couldn’t take their eyes off of Tarea.  His words were filled with power and dug into their hearts.  “For too long we’ve been ruled by a tyrant.  As you know we cannot even interact with the people in the Earth realm.  What is there to hide?  Should we not be as free as he is,” he spewed forth his vitriolic attack on the Maker.  The crowd nodded in approval, they were too overcome with his passion to voice their agreement.  Tarea had the power to make each one of them feel as if they were the only one he was speaking to.  He finished his indoctrination and released them with the order to find others to bring into their brotherhood.

Tarea was left alone.  He continued devising his wicked plan.  He would have to be cunning in his movements, because the Maker had the ability to see and know all.  I must go before him and see if he suspects anything.  He hated the maker and it pained him to be in his presence.  His jealousy was almost palpable.  He wanted the throne and he would stop at nothing to get it.


The Maker sat on his gleaming white throne.  He was surrounded by unimaginable beauty.  Jewels of every kind were laid under a sheet of glass that made a path to the throne.  It sat in an open area where everyone could have access to him.  Several immortals stood nearby continuously offering up their praise to the Maker.   He spoke to them, his most trusted confidants.  “I’ve found much evil in Tarea.  He has been plotting against us and desires to overthrow me and take control of all that I have created.”

The largest and strongest of the trusted, named Rohine asked, “What shall we do then?”


“Nothing?  Rohine furrowed his brow.

“Yes, nothing.  I must give him a chance to see the error of his ways.”

Rohine shook his head, “Whatever you say Maker.”

The Maker knew that Rohine wouldn’t hesitate to cast Tarea into the Dark realm.  Many stories of its horror had been passed down through the generations.  It was a place of utter darkness and loneliness.  It was created for the evil ones.  There they languished with every single breath they took.  It cast fear throughout all of the kingdoms.  The Maker only used it as a last resort when those he had created were unwilling to change.

Tarea made his way to the Maker’s dwelling place.  When he arrived he circled around behind the throne.  He eyed every detail.  The ivory white throne sat on a base of emerald stones that gave off a lustrous glow.  The throne itself had intricate carvings that told an ancient story.  It began when the Maker created all things and all realms.  As Tarea gazed at the details he lusted for the throne.  It beckoned to him.  His hand reached out to touch it, but he stopped himself.  Without even looking the Maker knew he was there.  “Tarea, it’s nice of you to come to see me.”

Tarea jumped.  “Umm, yes Maker.  How have you been?”

“I’m well, and what brings you here.  You seldom come to see me.”

Tarea made his way to the front of the throne.   “I..I..just wanted to come and gaze at your beauty and offer up my praise.”  He tried not to choke on his words.  The Maker looked at Tarea with eyes full of love.  Tarea cast his gaze to the ground.  “Is there anything you require of me?  Anything I can do for you oh Majesty?”

“No Tarea, I require nothing of you.  You are free to go.”

Tarea bowed and turned to leave.  An evil grin spread across his face as he hurried away.  He wanted to get as far away from the Maker as he could.

Rohine tried to bite his tongue but it was no use.  “Maker, I trust you and your ways but must he be allowed to get away with this?”

“If you trust my ways then why do you question.”

Rohine stood in humble silence.


Tarea had made his way to the farthest corner of the Maker’s realm.  He sat beside the river of Honesty and dreamed of what it would be like to sit on the ivory throne.  No longer will I be ruled over, but I will rule over everyone and everything in every kingdom.  I will surround myself with immortals and humans who will worship me.  They will do whatever I say.  I can’t wait.  It’s going to be mine. All mine.

“Exalted one, how did it go with the Maker,” one of his loyal followers asked.

Tarea’s eyes brightened with the sound of praise.  Exalted one, I like it.  “It couldn’t have gone any better.  He doesn’t suspect a thing.  Gather those who are ready to join our cause and bring them to me here.

“Yes sir,” he replied and then left to do Tarea’s bidding.

Tarea lay beside a tree and watched the river of Honesty flow by.  The water was clear as crystal and it was filled with fish of every color.  Along the banks of the river there was lush green grass and fruit trees of every kind.  The trees immediately replaced any fruit that was picked, and the fruit never rotted.  The most perfect thing about it to Tarea was that it was as far away as he could get from the Maker.  The further away from him he was the more his mind felt unleashed to contrive his evil plans.


Jason Rosenburg is a writer blogger, speaker and content creator. He has authored two self published novels. He is a cancer surivor who went from living life in a recliner to losing 70 lbs (and counting) and cohosting Airbnb tours in Tijuana, MX Available for public speaking bookings where his specialty is motivational speaking.


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