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Monday Morning Coffee Chat 2

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Monday Morning Coffee Chat

It’s Monday morning!  I know that brings dread to so many.  We don’t want to leave the glorious weekend behind and begin a new work week.  I’ve failed in keeping these Monday morning coffee chats up.  By the time I remember them, it was Monday afternoon, or worse Tuesday!  I hope to keep up with it better in the future.  I want it to become a thing.



As far as updates go, I’m a little embarrassed.  Like I said, I’ve not kept up with my coffee chats.  As you can tell from my postings, I’ve barely kept up with that.  My plan is to do at least two blog posts per week, that’s not counting the coffee chat.  The coffee chat may not be a weekly thing, but I’d at least like to do it every two weeks.  I feel like weekly would be too repetitive and I wouldn’t have enough to talk about.

As far as my book goes, the working title is Thirebeth: The battle of the ages begins.  I’ve sadly not worked on it much.  I got a couple of teenage guys reading it so they can give me some feedback.  I think this book will be geared more toward middle grade or YA.  It’s a Christian fantasy novel that isn’t overtly preachy.  In fact you’d have to have some knowledge of the Bible to recognize some of the things I’ve taken inspiration from, but the overall message of love and redemption are there.

Soon I’ll be offering the first several chapters to my email subscribers.  I’d love for you to be able to read it and give me your feedback.  This will help me to craft the book.  I want you who subscribe to know you are important and that you are an integral part of my success, that’s why I’ll be offering those chapters to you.  In fact, when I’m finished with the first draft I will send it to ALL of my email subscribers!  So, be sure to get on board that train!  When the first draft is finished, the offer will end and you’ll have to wait to get the finished product when it’s available.


Chit Chat

I’m going to be saving these more controversial topics for these chit-chat segments.  Again, I do this because I feel like it’s what friends do.  They chat about current events and life in general.  As everyone knows we just had President Trump sworn in on Friday.  I’ll admit that he wasn’t my first choice.  In fact I was contemplating being part of the never trump movement, but the more I listened to him speak the more I was intrigued.  Then when everyone was attacking him so much I really took notice.  Why do people hate this man so much? I asked myself.  The more I listened the more I realized it’s because he wants to make real changes.  Changes for the better.  He wants to give We The People the government back.  Make it work for us instead of us working for it.  So, I’m excited for the first time in over a decade about where our country is heading

As far as life goes, things are moving right along.  I’m planning my goals for the year and what I’d like to see happen with my writing.  I’m saving up for the Re:Write Conference that I believe will be happening at some point this year.  I really enjoyed the last one I went to in 2015 and I’m looking forward to the next one.

So, I guess that’s it on my end.  What are you guys doing?  Are you working on amazing stuff?  Let me know.  Feel free to share links to your blogs, music or art in the comments below.  Also, if you’d like to sign up for my email list and get my newsletters as well as early access to my current book, use the form directly below.  The added bonus is, you also get a FREE flash fiction that was the inspiration for my first novel!

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