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Today I’m bringing you a guest post by a very talented young man named Michael.  This post is pretty amazing. I hop you enjoy it. Michael and I met through the Faithful Bloggers website.  Please head over to his blog after reading his post here. His style is inspirational and truth filled. He doesn’t cut corners, he tells the truth and that’s what I love about his blog. It will challenge you and inspire you at the same time.  Also, I’ve got a special treat after the blog post. Michael wrote a poem and I thought I’d share it with you, with his permission. So, I won’t ramble on any longer, enjoy the post! Click the name below to go to his blog.

God Made You Clothes

God Made You Clothes

I’m sure, if you are a Christian, you have heard the story of Adam and Eve. You know, the one where they were in a garden God had created for them and were deceived by a serpent. Remember how they decided to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, which God specifically said not to do? I am pretty sure that everyone knows and has heard of the history of what is known as the Fall. If you do not, crack open a Bible to the first book, Genesis, and read the second and third chapters; It will catch you up to speed on what I am writing this for.

I have taught the history of Adam and Eve to a group of 10-13 year old kids before, and I hit on three main points of what happened after they ate this fruit. My favorite point was, “they tried to cover up their sin” because I think we can all relate to this very easily. Whether you are a Christian or not, you have done this before. You have that sin in your life, maybe known or unknown to others, and you cover it up by the “good” things you do.

Let me ask you a question: DO YOU SEE HOW THAT WORKED OUT FOR ADAM AND EVE? 

So many times you make life a scale of things you should and shouldn’t do. You tell yourself that it’s okay or not as bad as whatever you can think of that is “worse” to do. Remember, I am not only talking to those who do not believe in God. If you are a Christian, you are most likely still guilty; and I am not one to be pointing fingers and judging. I am just as big of a hypocrite as anyone else. We are constantly looking at life weighing it out just like Adam and Eve tried to do. These are some of the lies you may be telling yourself daily:

“Oh, as long as I go to church, that sin doesn’t matter.”

“It was only one time; no one needs to know about that.”

“Well, I already started to sin so I might as well finish. I’ll repent tomorrow.”

“I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but at least I’m not doing that.”

You see, Adam and Eve knew something was wrong. They immediately realized they were naked. What did they do? They went to cover it up. They were going to hide it thinking they could fool God, but God is no fool.

We do the same thing as Christians. We know something is wrong so we try to cover up like:

  • You know you were partying on the weekend; so as long as you sober up for church it’s gonna be alright. you can start fresh and turn this sin around after church, right?
  • Or maybe you were sleeping with your girlfriend last night, but no one has to know because you’re gonna get married someday anyways. What’s the difference between doing it now and doing it later?
  • Maybe you were up late last night and didn’t prepare for work the next day. The paperwork you had to do is only half done. Oh, but that’s okay because your boss doesn’t check it anyways. Working half-heartedly is what everyone does.
  • How about the song you were singing on the radio. Yeah, you know it was filthy, but it’s catchy. You can just turn K-love on after this song and sing a Christian song next to make up for it.

I hope these sound ridiculous to you; do you see yourself in any of these situations? Maybe you see it in a different area of life. You have sin, but as long as you go to church (fig leaf), pray (fig leaf), listen to “good” music most of the time (fig leaf), help needy people (fig leaf), and look good on the outside (fig leaf), everything is going to be okay. See what you did their? You just sewed your own fig leaves together and made coverings; I guess Adam and Eve aren’t that different than you and I after all.

What happens next is my favorite part. If God never came into the picture, we’d all still be walking around with our own coverings of good over bad like Adam and Eve. Thank God we aren’t or we would all be failing miserably!

God asks two questions: “Where are you?” and “Who told you that you were naked?” A wise preacher named Dave Morris once told me that God doesn’t ask a question looking for an answer; He’s looking for conviction. God already knows everything; He knew the answer to these questions, but He wanted to convict their hearts.

It’s just like when Mommy says to her son, “Cake is for dessert not right now.” She walks out of the room for a moment. When she comes back, the cake has two bites in it. Mommy then asks the boy with icing on his face and a mouthful of devil’s chocolate, “Son, did you eat some of that cake?”

She obviously did not ask looking for an answer; the evidence is there! She asks to convict. God is the same way.

God may be asking you, “Where are you?” or “What are you doing?”. Don’t ignore Him. He already knows the answer so don’t be afraid to face Him and tell the truth. Instead, let Him convict your heart and bring you back to Him. Realize that those fig leaf coverings that you are making in your own life don’t fix anything. Your works and coverings are still tainted by sin and aren’t justice for the covering that God has made for you.

God saw that there was a problem, and He decided out of grace to fix it. God did not leave Adam and Eve in their hopeless state. He instead removes their useless coverings and sacrifices a lamb for clothing to cover them. It took bloodshed to make the payment for their act.

Do you see the picture? God has done the same thing today. You can try to live life covering up your sins with your own coverings. Maybe you can even make a better covering than fig leaves, but it’s all useless. Someone who is imperfect cannot create something perfect. To hide imperfection one needs a perfect covering. God is the only one who can give this covering, and He gave that covering through His son, Jesus Christ.

Examine your life. Maybe you have been living trying to cover up your sin with your own actions. Let me stop you from going down a road of disappointment now by telling you this:

YOU CAN’T DO IT! Realize that your sin cannot be covered by anything you do, but only by what God has done. Accept His son and He will cover you.

Maybe you are a Christian, but see spots in your life where you struggle with answering God. Don’t try to cover up what Jesus Christ has already paid for in your life. Don’t try to do His job; instead, repent and strive to live a holier life for Him. He has provided the perfect clothing that will be the blood sacrifice in your place. Don’t keep walking around naked or trying to cover up with your useless fig leaves. Wear the clothing God has made for you!

Isaiah 64:6 “But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.”

Michael Jaymes



Live for Him

Making a promise that you won’t sin
Is like telling someone they will always win.
So don’t tell God, “I’ll always do right.”
Instead, ask God, “Can you prepare me to fight?”

Don’t make a promise that you can’t keep,
And then bring sin to His feet.
The Father knows your every deed;
He knows if you will succeed.

Do not act as if this is untrue,
Or that these sins you did not do.
Come to grips and understand
That you will break His every command.

Ask for His guidance throughout life
Because going your own way leads to strife.
Yes, trials and temptations of sin will still be,
But remember His grace can set you free.

In your own strength you will lose this war.
Sin is more that you can ever endure.
You cannot overcome the flesh alone;
Instead, humble yourself before the throne.

Cry out to God and He will help you.
In your own power there’s nothing you can do.
You can’t do it on your own;
That’s why He sent His Son to atone.

Stop living life as a game!
Repent to Him your sin and shame.
Be real with God; He will forgive.
For His glory you shall live.

So choose to live for Him today.
Stop living in that sinful way.
And when you choose to reflect His Son,
That’s when you’ll hear the words, “Well done.”

-Michael J. Vitelli

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