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Life is Short Enjoy Your Coffee

life is short enjoy your coffee

My wife and I talk a lot about how fast time seems to go by. Weeks quickly turn into months and those turn into years. Before you know it, you’re 40 years old and wondering where time has went.

When I was a teenager people told me that once I got out of school time would fly by. That was true. But I think that time has sped up even more. There is a verse in the bible that says, “…but for the elects sake, those days shall be shortened.”

I used to think maybe that mean that the time of troubles would be shortened. Now I almost wonder if it means these last days we live in. Is God supernaturally speeding up the days because he hears his children crying out to him for him to return? It likely isn’t the case, but it makes you wonder.

Life flies by. One minute your kids are in elementary school and the next they are graduating. It really does feel like it’s over night. You can’t afford to let little moments slip away. You have to make memories when you can. I used to be the world’s biggest worrier. I still have times when I worry, but when I finally grasped that God is in control I let the worry go. I can’t do anything by worrying. I can’t do anything at all.

You can’t allow worries to control¬† you. You have to allow¬† yourself to live. Enjoy every moment you can because you aren’t promised tomorrow. That should make us want to do all we can for God each day. Yet we take each breath for granted. You have roughly 23,000 breaths per day which comes out to about 672 million breaths in your lifetime. What are you doing to make each one count?

Take time to enjoy your coffee. Enjoy your family. Enjoy your spouse. Here in America we tend to want the best “thing” and we will work three jobs to get it. In the end will it matter? I read something once that really stuck with me. I don’t remember who said, it but it basically said, Everything you have, whether rich or poor is going to end up in a yard sale. Is that what you’re living for? There is so much more.

Millennials get a bad reputation. People say they don’t want to work and that they are lazy. That may be true for some of them, but the same could be said for every generation of people. One thing I really admire about these younger generations is that they are trying to do what they love. If you’re passionate about it and you love what you do, it will never feel like work.

I could honestly do without most material things. I’d love to travel and write if that was possible. While I may not quite be in the position to do that right now, it gives me something to work toward.

I guess I’m trying to say don’t tie yourself down with material things. They mean nothing in the Kingdom of God and they will rust away here on earth. Nothing is more important than your family and those you love. Allow yourself the freedom to chase your dreams and enjoy your coffee every day.

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