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Let Him Be Real


How do you talk to God?  I mean when you really want to get down to business with him.  I’m not talking about a little prayer over your meal or a nighty-night sleep tight prayer.  I mean when you have to get a hold of him or else.  How do you talk to him when fate is hanging in the balance?

 This is something I’ve always thought about.  Then one day I heard a song that Misty Edwards sang.  The song is called “Dove’s Eyes” and it says, “I don’t want to talk about you like you’re not in the room.  I want to look right at you, want to sing right to you.”

 When I heard those lyrics they struck my heart with such force.  Because that’s how I want to talk to GOD and about GOD.  I don’t want to talk about him like he’s not in the room, because he is.  Even typing it I can feel the Holy Spirit.  He’s always with you.  You can call out to him anytime.

Look at the picture.  Look at that seat.  Imagine you’re in the room and he’s sitting right there, in that chair.  That’s how real he is.  He’s in every room you enter.  He’s in the car when you’re driving.  He’s on the job with you.  He’s there when you’re all alone and no one else is around. God is waiting for us to sit down and talk to him.  He longs for us to just pull up a chair and tell him everything that’s going on in our life.  Yeah, he already knows, but he wants to hear from YOU.  He wants to speak to you.

 Do you wonder why you don’t hear from God?  Maybe you’ve been acting like he’s not even in the room.  Maybe you’ve been praying little “now I lay me down to sleep prayers” and he’s wanting to have a conversation.  He wants something deep with you.  He wants a RELATIONSHIP.  I challenge you to remember him throughout the day and night.  Remember he’s there.  When you’re talking about him with your friends and family, he’s right there.  He becomes so much more personal when  you realize HE IS HERE!

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