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Jesus Wants To Meet With You


Jesus wants to meet with you

There are moments in life when Jesus wants to meet with you. You’re going about your day-to-day life and he grabs your attention with something. He may do it with a song, a blog post or a book. He moves everything into place to do it. Can you imagine that?

Jesus wants to meet with you so badly that he orchestrates it. The sad part is, many times we fail to realize it. Life is full of things what will bruise you, batter you and even crush you. Those things cause us to lose focus. Jesus doesn’t lose focus though. He still has you in plain sight and he wants to bring you back to his table to find the peace you need.

Sometimes it’s not the bad things that cause us to lose focus, it’s the mundane day-to-day life we go through. The things you do over and over become mind numbing. Then our faith gets wrapped up in that as well. It becomes just something we do.

That’s why Jesus breaks into our life to meet with us. Tonight I prayed Jesus come sit with me. I want nTonight I prayed Jesus come sit with me.othing more than to just sit with him. I want to know the real Jesus, not your version of Jesus or my version of Jesus, but the REAL Jesus. Only then can I become like HIM.

I’m afraid we’ve all made Jesus into what we want him to be. Do you know what that means? We serve an idol. So you may ask, Jase, how do we know the real Jesus then? Honestly I can tell you. I’m not sure yet myself. I just take advantage of the times when he comes to meet with me. I know the usual answer, by praying, reading your bible and fasting. But I don’t want my tainted thinking to get in the way of the truth. I can only pray that he breaks through every image of him I’ve built up.

So I pray Jesus come sit with me. Why do I pray that? When you sit with someone you get to know them. You really get to know them. I don’t know about you, but I’ve known about Jesus a long time. I know things about Jesus, but I want to KNOW him.

God help me be like your Son. Help me see past the day to day routine and find the moments that you’re calling out to me. Keep me hungry for you Jesus. Keep me searching. Keep me longing for you. Never let me be satisfied. That’s my prayer.

I pray that this post is one of those moments for you. Let him sit with you now.

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