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Jesus Wants To Flip Your Tables


There is a song by Rita Springer called Phenomenon and in this song she says, “forgive me oh Lord, if I’ve been a marketplace and turn me upside down so I will seek your face.”

I’ve always loved this song and these words in particular intrigued me.  I thought long and hard about it, because being a writer, I know that when writers write, they want their words to have an impact. Whoever wrote this song felt strongly about what they were saying and wants us to think about it.

The more I thought about it, the more I thought these words are pretty brilliant.  The bible says in I Corinthians 6:19, that our bodies are temples of the Holy Ghost and that we are not our own.  How many times have we sold ourselves to other things.  How many times have we been cheap imitations of what we are truly called to be.  If we could only grasp God’s plan for our lives and the power that he has given us we would be an unstoppable force.  Yet, over and over again we cheapen ourselves and the gospel and settle for a dime store Jesus that we try to sell to others.

If he were here I’m sure he’d want to turn our tables over!  Forgive me oh Lord, if I’ve been a marketplace!  Don’t allow me to cheapen who you are and try to pass it off to others.  You are not cheap.  The price you paid was not cheap.  You gave EVERYTHING!  Forgive us for reducing you to a promise of prosperity.  Forgive us for reducing your power and authority to be subject to our own wants and desires.  God turn us upside down so we will seek YOUR face.  Let us show your holiness to others.

We can’t be late night infomercials for Jesus.  “Call now and for just 19.95 you can get two blessings for the price of one! But WAIT, there’s more!  If you call in the next ten minutes, we’ll send you a bottle of holy water that you can drink and be healed!”  It sounds funny, but this is what we often do to the gospel.  Instead of just showing Jesus to the people we think we have to doctor it up to suit people in today’s society.  We have to give them a “deal”.  Jesus isn’t something we sell. He doesn’t need us to do anything but show people who he is.  Preach Jesus to them and he will do the rest. He doesn’t need a gimmick.

 As I always say, everything I write is for me.  I’m just sharing it because I figure you may not be much different than I am.  Let’s start showing people who Jesus is with our lives.  Let’s stop cheapening ourselves and him.  Let’s let him flip our tables and change our lives.

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