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Do you remember the story in the bible in 2 Kings 4:8-37?  Where the Shunamite woman’s son died?  If you don’t it’s okay, I’ll refresh your memory.

 This man and woman watched Elisha pass by them all the time.  They started inviting him in to eat and rest.  Eventually one day she asked her husband to make Elisha the Prophet a room of his own at their house.  His own room!  He passed by their way quite often and she perceived he was a man of God and wanted to make space for him.

Elisha basically wanted to bless her so he asked what she might want for such kindness.  Elisha’s servant Gehazi said she doesn’t have a child.  So he speaks over her that she will have a son.  She did just that.

As time goes by and the boy gets older, one day he is with his father in the field and something happens to him.  His head hurts and some speculate he had a heat stroke.  He died at noon in his mother’s lap.  This is where it gets interesting!  She laid him on Elisha’s bed.  She ran to her husband and asked for a servant and a donkey to go see the man of God.  He wondered why and she said, It shall be well.

 First of all, she didn’t even tell her husband the boy had died!  You’d think she’d run out to him crying and hysterical, but she didn’t!  She said all shall be well.  Then as she comes to Elisha his servant greets her and asks about her husband and her son and she says again, IT IS WELL.

 The story ends with Elisha coming to her house and praying for the boy and he comes back to life.

 That’s a shortened version.  I gave you the verses if you’d like to read the whole story.  I want you to get this, though.  Her son died.  DIED.  If you’ve ever experienced death you know how hard it is.  This woman though had faith.  She didn’t tell her husband, she didn’t break down, she just went to the man of God.  She knew that he could pray over her son.  She had faith that everything would be okay.  Even in the face of the worst circumstance.

What are you facing today?  Are you facing sickness?  Are you facing a mountain of debt?  What is it?

 Go to God.  Talk to him like he’s your best friend.  That’s why I used the coffee cup picture!  Imagine he’s your best friend and you’re talking over coffee.  Tell him all about it.  Tell him everything!  While you’re telling him, remember who HE is and that IT IS WELL.  Things may be tough now, but they won’t stay that way.  Will all of your prayers be answered?  I can’t say, but I do know that God knows what’s best.  With his wisdom and power, he will lead you and guide you and it will be well.

 Don’t be overtaken by your circumstances today.  Look to him and if you haven’t already make a place for him every day.  Take time for him.  I know you may be busy, but honestly time with him will change you and your life.  You won’t look at things the same way.  I wish I could open your eyes to help you see what I mean.

 It’s natural to worry about things beyond your control, but when you take time for God each day, those worries seem to melt away.  Then you begin to realize how this woman can say IT IS WELL when her only son died.

 Have faith today.  It is Well…

 As always, if you need someone to pray with you, you can email me through the contact page.  My wife and I will be more than happy to pray for you.


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