I’m Giving Away My Latest Book!



You read that right! I’m going to be giving away my newest book.  I’ve tried to think of the best way to get feedback from people on what I’m writing.  After doing some searching I came up with this idea.  Give it away.  You’ll get my book completely free of charge!

About The Book

This book is a YA fantasy novel. It does have Christian themes, but it’s not preachy.

The Maker, who created all things, is dealing with treachery and rebellion in his realm.

On earth, The king of Thirebeth, King Aylwin is learning of the plans the Maker has to deal with this dilemma.

Two other men are about to have their lives changed forever as war is unleashed on Thirebeth.  Herwyn will learn what his evil thoughts and schemes have led him to.  And Erramun will face an inner battle with his own worth as well as a physical battle.  These two men are on a collision course to be King Alywin’s successor.

This will be the first book in a three book series.


  • The book isn’t complete.  I have a several chapters done and I’m hoping this will help push me to get the rest of them written.
  • Each Friday I’ll be releasing a new chapter to the people on my mailing list.
  • The chapter you get will be completely raw.  You’re going to see it unedited and ugly.  What better way to see if people like it?
  • I’ll likely have some form of questionnaire attached, and/or a way to give me your thoughts.
  • When I’m done with the book, as I begin my rewrites I’ll incorporate the things I feel go along best with my vision for the story.

You won’t see it anymore after I’ve sent you the last chapter until it’s complete.  My hope and prayer is that you’ll be invested in this with me.  You’ll see me begin to mention a “street team” as we near the end.  I want to stay in contact with those of you who are willing to be a part of that street team.

You may be wondering what a street team does.  Let me tell you.  I think you’ll find different versions of this with different people, but for me it means this.  I’m going to give you first access to the completed book FREE!  Then, I’ll also ask you to leave a review if you enjoy it.  Last, I’ll ask that you share it on all of your social media.  Pretty cool huh?

I’m excited to get this started.  The beginning date will either be March 3 or March 10.  So go ahead and get signed up now so you’ll be able to get these chapters in your inbox as soon as they become available.  To do that, just fill in your email and click sign up!

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Leave a comment! I love to interact with you guys.

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