His Love Is Furious

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I had to share this post here.  I had shared this on Facebook over a year ago, but this song is so deep and calls to my heart that I wanted to share it here on my blog. God’s love for us is furious! If you’d like to hear more keep reading!

 One of the definitions of Furious is violent or intense.

 I’ve been listening to a song called Furious quite a bit…It’s by Jeremy Riddle.  It’s made me really think about God’s love.

 So many times we take it for granted. We know God loves us, we know he sent his son for us and that Jesus willingly came and laid down his life for us. But how often do we REALLY think about it.  We’ve only glimpsed a little bit of his love.  The song says, “His love is fierce, his love is strong, his love is furious”  at first that sounds violent…and you think surely they don’t mean it to be violent.  But his love IS violent, it fights for you, it goes to war for you.  It does war with the enemy everyday for you!  He comes after you furiously!  He wants YOU! He LOVES you, and he gave EVERYTHING for you!  Tell me the cross wasn’t violent…tell me he didn’t shed blood for you.  HIS love IS furious!  He wants to overtake you and cover you with that love.

 If we could only grasp how much he wants us.  If we could only understand…then you’d know why Jesus preached more about Hell than he did Heaven.  He loves us so much he doesn’t want us to go there.  He pleads daily with you! Imagine your child was in a burning house, how frantic you’d be trying to get them out.  He’s the same way with us…he sends us messages all the time trying to get our attention.

 When we begin to grasp that love it will awaken your heart! You’ll begin to feel more alive than you ever have and it won’t stop there, you’ll begin to see people differently.  Grab a hold of his love today…think on it for a while.  Think of how much he loves.  Jesus came to die for you…you can’t get more love than that.


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