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Today is Valentine’s Day and a lot of people celebrate their love for one another.  Me, I choose to do that each day,so I don’t really do the whole valentine’s thing.  We tend to put so much effort into one day, whether it be Christmas or Valentines.  We should spread the love throughout the year.  Those two days do not make or break my love for my wife.

The same should be said for our relationship with Christ.  If we spend only Sunday concentrating on our relationship with him, then we are missing out.  His love for us is vast and we can’t even begin to comprehend it and we treat him as if he’s a toy we run to pick up whenever we want to feel comforted.  I’m here to tell you he is GOD and he is a jealous GOD.  Anything we place before him in our life has to go.  He needs to be our number 1.

Be Consumed

There is an old quote that says something like “they are too heavenly minded to be of any earthly good”.  I want that to be said about me.  I want all of my focus to be on God and what he wants for my life, because then and only then will I or anyone else find true peace and happiness.

If you showed your wife love one day per week, how long would it be before she was gone?  Yet we think nothing of doing it to God.  We think, “Oh he’s God he will always be there.”  If you allowed God to, he would consume you every day with his love.  A love that brings peace beyond all understanding.  Make him a priority and see.  Watch him transform your mind and your heart.  Watch him change everything in your life.

Yes, there will be trouble and heartache, but I can tell you as sure as I breathe, he’s there every step of the way. He will never leave you.  He will never forsake you.  Stay close to him and see what real love is.

If you’ve spent your days chasing after love that you feel you never got as a child.  If you think no one can love you, try Jesus. He will change your life.  Nothing will be the same again.

Jesus loves you more than anyone or anything else could.  He gave his life for you.  Trust me, once you give your heart to him, no matter what comes you’ll have peace.

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