God Thinks About You

God Thinks About You

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A lot of us think about God.  Whether we believe in him or not, most of us at one point have thought about him.  Did you know he thinks about you too?

He does! Psalms 139 verses 17 and 18 says:

17 How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! how great is the sum of them!

18 If I should count them, they are more in number than the sand: when I awake, I am still with thee.

His thoughts about YOU outnumber the grains of sand! If my thoughts were grains of sand, I wouldn’t have enough in a day to fill a hand.  Think about that.  GOD thinks about YOU.  The very one who created the entire world and all of its wonders has you on his mind that much.  Now imagine all the people in the world, over 7 billion.  Oh the thoughts he has for all of us!!! We can’t even begin to imagine.

That’s what I call love.  If you have children, how much do you think about them? As a parent, I can tell you, it’s a lot! You think about your kids all the time.  Even then, we can’t scratch the surface of the thoughts God has for them and us.

Let this bring you comfort today.  If you’re facing the challenges of life right now. Maybe you’ve just lost a loved one or a job.  If your children are rebelling, your tormented with depression, or you are worried about paying your bills, remember that God does care.  He cares so much that he thinks billions of thoughts about you!  So, if he thinks about us that much and even gave his son to die for us, then don’t you think he will hear us when we call?  Won’t he answer?  I know, sometimes it’s hard.  Believe me, I know. I can tell you though that I’ve always found comfort in him. Even if my situation doesn’t change, I change. I find peace IN the storm.

I pray today that you will find peace through whatever storm is raging around you.  It’s there. It’s real. The peace of God passes all understanding the bible says and it’s true. Rest in his peace today. Be assured he’s thinking about you right now.


Jason Rosenburg is a writer blogger, speaker and content creator. He has authored two self published novels. He is a cancer surivor who went from living life in a recliner to losing 70 lbs (and counting) and cohosting Airbnb tours in Tijuana, MX Available for public speaking bookings where his specialty is motivational speaking.


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