Faith: How To Hang On In Tough Times

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Have you ever felt like you were at the end of your rope? You know the feeling. When it feels like you can’t handle one more thing going wrong.  It’s different for each of us.  The world has many answers for our problems, but one thing that rings true for every one of us.  Faith. If you’re a Christian then faith is central to your belief.  When it looks like the world is crashing in around you, you must have faith. Easier said than done right? Let’s go over some things that may help us to strengthen our faith.

Five Things You Can Do To Strengthen Your Faith

  1. The psalmist David had times when he had to encourage himself. In 1 Samuel chapter 30 we find David and his men coming back to Ziklag where their wife, children and everything they owned had been.  When they got there it was burning with fire. No one was left. The men wept until they couldn’t weep anymore and then they spoke of stoning David. Things looked really bad. What did David do? He encouraged himself in the Lord. How do you do that? Remember all the things God has done for you. David had a long list he could recount. When you begin to think about ALL the things God has done for you, you can’t help but be encouraged. What happened? God showed up and they recovered everything!
  2. Sing songs of praise. I’ve written about it here before. Having suffered with some really bad gout attacks that left me wanting to cut my foot off, I would lay awake at night in extreme pain. I began to sing praise to God. What happened? In no time I was calm. I still had pain, but I was able to cope. My emotions settled and I was able to sleep.
  3. Talk to a trusted brother or sister in Christ and have them pray for you.  Sometimes there is nothing like baring your soul to someone else and allowing them to speak to your heart and encourage you.  You have to be careful with this one. Make sure it’s someone very trusted.
  4. Good old-fashioned prayer. Get down to business with God. Tell him all about your trouble.  Know that he is listening and he cares and don’t be afraid to be real with him. He already knows what you’re thinking anyway. So if you’re upset, be upset. If your sad, be sad. He will know exactly what you need and rest assured he will be whatever you need.
  5. Read your bible. Simple as that. Get grounded in the word of God. When bad things happen you can pull out the scriptures you need at a moments notice. The bible is full of true stories of how God worked wonders for people. Reading them will strengthen your faith.

There you have a list of five things you can do just to start.  Understand that adversity will come to all of us. Bad things will happen because we live in a fallen world. However, we have hope.  We can hang onto faith through the rough times.  Jesus will be your rope to hang onto and he will guide you through any storm.  I’ll leave you with a bible verse that I love. It’s one of the most encouraging verses I know.

Isaiah 43:2 When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire,thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.


Jason Rosenburg is a writer blogger, speaker and content creator. He has authored two self published novels. He is a cancer surivor who went from living life in a recliner to losing 70 lbs (and counting) and cohosting Airbnb tours in Tijuana, MX Available for public speaking bookings where his specialty is motivational speaking.

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    1. Thank you so much Colleen! I appreciate you sharing it. I forgot to add that if anyone else had suggestions to add on to feel free to do so.

  1. I enjoyed this post. It was encouraging to read. Life goes through its various seasons that allow us to loosen our grip on the rope, but there tends to be seasons that make us cling to the rope. I loved the suggestions!

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