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Dreams May Change, But Your Purpose Remains

dreams may change but your purpose remains

Most of you don’t know this yet. I’m sure you’ve noticed a dramatic slow down in the amount of things I post though. I have a new job. I am working at a call center, doing customer service.

I honestly had a hard time committing to going forward with this job. I felt like it was going to rob me of my dreams. We would like to move to the Asheville, NC area because we love it there. I also want to build something that will change lives.

I’ve got dreams that I refuse to let die. I won’t let the monotonous day to day routine take that from me. One way to do that is have people around you that feed the dream and that support you. My wife always supports me in anything I choose to do. She’s amazing. My family supports me as well, they always have. I’m grateful for that.

Then sometimes God drops other people in our life that push us to be better and help us to maximize our potential. I recently met a friend, David, that is helping me to do this. He is going to be helping me build my vision for this place and we may even come up with some new plans for something even bigger. Who knows. Stay tuned for that.

I have to mention the people at Hope In Your Story as well. These guys are awesome and they have encouraged me so much in recent weeks. You should check them out! They have a great blog and Instagram. 

What I want to say the most is God works in mysterious way. You may not feel like you deserve it. You may not think anything will ever happen for you, but I assure you there is purpose and hope for you. God uses whatever tools he needs to use to bring about his plan.

I do not believe in coincidence. God allows our paths to cross with people when we need them most. Don’t take anything for granted. Even the people that drive you crazy are there for a reason. They will help you to see the things in yourself that need to change. They will give you the patience you need and the wisdom to react in the proper way. Allow God to do his work. 

We fail to realize at all times that God is in control. We are not. So when he wants to work in your life, he will do it in any way he has to. He is a master artist who is making you into a masterpiece and he will use every tool he has to to do it. 

It may not always be comfortable but rest in his hands and let him work. You will see that what he has planned is so much greater and better than what you have planned.

Be encouraged today. You matter to God. You matter to others. Your life has purpose beyond what you can see now!

4 thoughts on “Dreams May Change, But Your Purpose Remains

  1. Jase,
    Great post, man! I agree – God lays out a plan ahead of us, and we don’t know exactly where it’s going. Sometimes people hear all the things I’ve done, and careers or jobs I’ve tried, and they ask, “So what’s wrong? You couldn’t make up your mind?”
    To which I say each and every job I have had seemed to prepare me more and more for the next big step in His plan. I’m still following that plan. I try to make the most of the relationships I form, and enjoy meeting new people, exactly because of what you said; God let’s us meet people for a reason. We weren’t meant o be alone, and if we look for the good in the people we meet, we can help them. In return they can either help us… or perhaps the help we gave them was all the help we actually needed. My favorite analogy is that God is the author, and we’re all part of his great gigantic master story; but he gives us a little free will along the way.
    Man if we would all just choose Him – what a world that would be.
    I’m gonna e-mail you a short story I think you will like, if you haven’t read it yet.
    I hope you are well,

    1. I look forward to reading the story! You never know where life will take you and the paths you will cross. It always amazes me how God works things out.

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