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This is my favorite time of year.  The long hot summer has come to an end and things are changing.  The days are gettings shorter and the trees are changing color.  I’m always sad that the color doesn’t last long.  The beauty of autumn has moved me to tears on many occasions.  To think that GOD in his glory designed such a wonderful display of artwork completely amazes me.  He is an amazing artist and its evident in so many things.

 While I’m saddened by the short display of colorful leaves; I can’t help but think that it’s best this way.  If it lasted any longer we may grow tired of it.  If it lasted any longer, we may forget just how truly majestic it is.  We as people tend to begin to take things for granted very quickly.  I think GOD allows the color for a short time, so each year we will anticipate it and be in absolute awe at his wonder.

 After Autumn, we face the Winter.  Those of you who know me, know that I LOVE Winter!  I enjoy the cold temperatures and the short days.  I love it when it stays cloudy for days on end, and I really love it when it snows!  Yes, I know there are people out there who hate Winter just as much as I hate Summer.  I’m not rambling I promise. Stick with me.

 Seasons are a fact of life.  The seasons will always change.  The sun, moon and stars will shine until this world comes to an end.  There are things that are certain in this life and change is one of them.

 As usual, our attitude tends to determine how well we do with change.  When Spring begins to come to and end and the long, hot, humid days of Summer begin. I complain.  I complain a lot.  I hate the change to hot weather.  What does my complaining get me?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing at all.  The only thing it does is add to my miserableness.

 You see where I’m going?  Changes will come in your life.  It’s inevitable.  You can complain about it and add to your own miserableness, or you can take it in stride.  If the changes are hard, pray to GOD for him to help you find the positive.  I know not all change is good.  Death, Divorce, and other horrible things will come to us.  However, in those times you can draw closer to GOD.  As a matter of fact, it’s usually when something goes wrong that we spend most of our time with him.  Sad but true.  We tend to call on him in trouble and forget him in the good.

 A positive attitude will change your life.  Once you realize that GOD is in control of everything, you realize that you don’t have to worry about anything.  It helps you to have a more positive outlook even in the darkest times.  GOD has your best interest at heart.  He can turn mourning into dancing.  You have to realize that IT is not the end.  Whatever IT may be.

 When Summer finally comes to an end and we get that first strong cold front of the Fall, I’m in Heaven.  I open my windows and enjoy it.  I bask in it.  It makes me feel like a child again.  Seriously.  It’s the same in our life when seasons change from bad to good.  You’re so thankful to have come through the bad season that you can’t help but be happy.  You want to rest in the goodness.

​GOD always brings you to a place of rest.  Spiritual seasons will always be changing, just as the physical seasons do.  Grab a hold of the fact that what you are facing right now, will not last forever.  If you have trouble coping reach out to a brother or sister in Christ and have them pray with you.  Have them listen to you.  Sometimes all you need is someone to listen.  Call out to your Father in Heaven.  He always listens, and always hears your cries.  Trust in him to bring you through your season of darkness.  I promise you, when you come through it, you’ll look back and see how GOD was there with you each and every step of the way.  There was not an hour, minute or second that he left your side.  That’s when you realize that the majesty of GOD has painted you a picture that only you can see and is meant only for you.

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