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A Creator Leaves His Mark

a creator leaves his mark

I’m the type of person that ponders many things. Most of them have to do with God. As far back as I can remember I’ve thought about him. Even as child outside playing, he would be on my mind quite often.

God is bigger than anything we can think of. His nature and who he is goes far beyond our ability to understand and comprehend. So when we try to put him into words we so often fail miserably. God is a creator, and as a creators do, he put something of himself inside each part of his creation.

I believe that God put something of himself in every one of us and in doing so we can connect with him on some level. For me I connect with him as a creator. I understand what its like to make something and put myself into it. I do it with my writing. Someone else may not be able to connect with that, but there is something inside of them God placed there that they can relate to him with. He’s a very personal God.

I find it amazing that he cares that much about each of us. It doesn’t stop at people either. In every part of his creation we can find snippets of him and his nature. I got a kick out of a thought I had last night. What part of a platypus reflects God’s nature? It was the weirdest animal I could think of at the time. While I don’t know the answer to the question, I have to believe that something is in the platypus that God placed there to reveal himself to us.

Throughout human history people have wanted a God figure. It’s been a longing inside of us. For many who didn’t know the one true God they made up their own. I won’t get into how many of these false gods are very similar and how I believe there was an evil being behind the spread of those things. That would be another post for another day. I want you to understand that man has always needed God.

God created us and gave us our own free will. When we choose to honor him and worship him it’s one of the greatest things we can do. When the created thing reflects the one who created it, it is one of the highest praises that can be given.

So that leaves me with my closing words. I found a song that sums this all up for me. I’m calling it my theme song, It’s called So Will I (100 billion x). Here it is below, listen to it and pay attention to the words. You’ll love it.


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