Time to stand

It’s Time To Stand

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Time to stand
Romans 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Guys I promise I’m not trying to sound harsh, but it’s time to wake up.

Since the election in November we’ve been subjected to any and every celebrity telling us how evil conservatives are and that Donald Trump is Hitler. In January we watched as has-beens like Madonna and Ashley Judd tried to make themselves relevant with a march “for women.” I noticed many more women coming out and saying that these vulgar women didn’t speak for them. Almost all the award shows have given us actors and actresses lecturing us on our politics. Meryl Streep being one of them. These people do hold some clout or they wouldn’t be spewing their garbage.  There literally are people who hang on every word these miserable wretches have to say.

You may think Jase, aren’t you being a little rough? I don’t think so. As a Christian I’m tired. I’m tired of having the media and Hollywood tell me how horrible I am because I have values. I choose to vote based on those values. Then you have loud mouthed liberals in front of cameras who don’t agree with what we as Americans want and they do their best to change the talking points to something in their favor.

We’ve idolized people in our society to the point that those people think they are godlike. Sadly in some people’s eyes, that’s true.  Hollywood is not where my values comes from. I refuse to be pushed down a road of compromise because a few people think it’s for the best. Where are the Christians who should be standing up? Why are we not raising our voices? I know of one who took matters into his hands. Franklin Graham. He prayed in each state capitol over the last year before the election. He wanted to see God move and he mobilized Christians to do something.  The best thing we can do. Pray.

So now, as Christians we need to continue. Pray. Lift up our nation in prayer every day. Pray for the President. Pray for the Congress, Pray for the Supreme Court. Get on your knees and cry out to God that we would not waste our chance at change. Pray for those who are vehemently spewing evil towards those of us who hold values and God dear to our hearts. If God can change Saul to Paul, he can surely change the hearts of these people.

One of the best ways you can have your voice heard is by not supporting these people and the things they do. We already limit the movies and tv shows we watch. Most of it isn’t fit to consume. If you have children it’s your duty to protect them from those things. If you allow it into your home then it shows them it’s okay to compromise what you believe. I know I’ll hear all kinds of arguments against this. I don’t mind. Personally I don’t care if you think my kids are too sheltered. I’m supposed to teach them to refrain from even the very appearance of evil. Speak with your pocketbook. Don’t support those people who hate what is good.

In closing I’ll say this. I don’t understand how someone who calls themselves a Christian can vote for someone who supports murder of children (abortion), or how they can sit and watch filth and foul language as it floods into their homes. Then those same people wonder why the world is in the shape its in. It’s time to stop being lazy Christians. Stop allowing things into your home that you know goes against biblical standards. Stop voting for people who do not support biblical standards. Until you do I don’t want to hear you crying about how things are.  We as Christians have to step up and take accountability for our laziness. It’s time it stops. Wake up America.


Jason Rosenburg is a writer blogger, speaker and content creator. He has authored two self published novels. He is a cancer surivor who went from living life in a recliner to losing 70 lbs (and counting) and cohosting Airbnb tours in Tijuana, MX Available for public speaking bookings where his specialty is motivational speaking.


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